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Gigantea Venus fly trap


Trev's Dracula

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Not to be confused with Polish Dracula, this Dracula was obtained directly from Trev Cox of Ireland. This clone originated first and is more highly touted for its blood-red traps and serrated teeth. FlytrapStore is the only carnivorous plant nursery in the United States to have offered a Dracula Venus fly trap obtained directly from Trev Cox. Note: Interestingly, the saw-tooth development for Trev's Dracula is seasonal, showing up most strongly in the Summer. Photos of the plant can be found here: Photos of Dionaea Dracula. The most famous photo of Trev's Dracula can be seen here: Infamous photo of Trev's Dracula
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A wonderfully colorful and menacing Venus flytrap with an amazingly awesome name!
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