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Akai Ryu

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Akai Ryu

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The Akai Ryu "Red Dragon" Venus Flytrap quite impressively exhibits striking and attractive dark-red coloration of the entire plant, including leaves and traps. Akai Ryu can develop a gorgeous range of color, from purple-ish to maroon to lighter-red with green accents. It is statuesque upright grower, showcasing elegant long slender leaves, and big traps. Indeed, it is such an exquisite Venus Flytrap that it was chosen with high distinction as a breeding parent plant, by the famous Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Georgia.



The Akai Ryu is a notable achievement in the development of Venus Flytraps that contain a large amount of anthocyanin (an organic red dye produced by the plants) which gives these plants a predominantly red coloration. The Akai Ryu, bred, developed, propagated and distributed by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., led the way for more red-leafed Venus Flytraps to be developed worldwide as the Akai Ryu was used as a parent plant for the develppment of other red-leafed Venus Flytraps. Akai Ryu (Red Dragon) is an officially registered Venus Flytrap cultivar. For more information be sure to read the Akai Ryu Cultivar page on the main site.

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thanks for my newest addition matt and leah.
just got my akai ryu today. it looks amazing and had 3 plants together. flytrapstore is the place to get your vfts.
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Review by ice2k / (Posted on 9/15/2017)
Love it!
Great little plant! Just got it, and it already had some deep red coloring, and two of the traps were huge! It took awhile to get to me, but I could not be happier with little Jaws!
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Review by A. / (Posted on 6/9/2017)
Great Service & Great Plants!
The plants were packed, shipped, and received in less than a week from ordering, which was fantastic. They were packed really well, I was very happy to see them completely intact, with nothing spilled or damaged, something that can be hard to come by with mailing plants. I really appreciate the care sheet that came with it, I found it informative and helpful. The tiny, baby plants are beautiful and I'm excited to see them grow!
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Review by Katherine / (Posted on 3/23/2017)
Great little trap! Fast shipping and arrived healthy, and planted beautifully! Looks great and is enjoying the sun.
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Review by Alex / (Posted on 5/21/2016)
perfect little red dragon
I just got my little baby red dragon in the mail and it is just so precious! I just fed the little guy, and it ate with a voracious appetite! So cute...yet so vicious! It came in great condition with tons and tons of traps! Such a beautiful little masterpiece! It is my first flytrap, and oh so worth it. I plan on buying more from here again when I am more experienced! :)
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Review by Joy / (Posted on 3/14/2016)
Great packaging, fast shipping, excellent flytrap.
My flytrap arrived in perfect condition! I simply could not be happier with it!
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Review by Kat / (Posted on 11/12/2015)
His is so beautiful! Such a deep maroon color to it! Definitely a change from all my green VFTs!

As usual, the plant arrived like it came out of the pictures posted on here! It was in perfect health and greatly packaged! You guys rock! I'm a lifer here for sure!

You should too (who ever is reading this! BUY NOW, then join the forums!!!)
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Review by Paul / (Posted on 8/10/2015)
This was my first trap and it came shipped well with very nice instructions. My plant looked healthier than ever and within a few days of arrival my largest trap opened up only to expose an insect that was digested!! Super cool experience on my first trap.Thanks again!
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Review by Dominic / (Posted on 6/10/2015)
Such striking color, larger than expected!
I ordered a young plant for my birthday. It arrived in two days, and upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised! To be a young plant, it was incredibly large. I got one young plant and one starter out of it. This is the ONLY store to purchase from! They even held shipping my order until I returned from my trip for free! A+ !
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Review by Roger / (Posted on 6/7/2015)
Beautiful coloration
Beautiful flytrap. Arrived in great condition, such a nice deep red healthy plant!!!
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Review by Mike / (Posted on 6/5/2015)
I love my Venus fly trap
I got my Venus fly trap in the mail about a week ago. It is already growing new traps. I love my Venus fly trap and it is the very first one I have ever had.
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Review by Devin / (Posted on 6/1/2015)
Young Akai Ryu
Just got my young Akai Ryu today and it looks very healthy. Shipping was quick and arrived in great shape. It has some green coloration, but most of the traps are red.
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Review by Sean / (Posted on 8/1/2014)
Very large, nice red coloring plant, easily my favorite :D Worth the money and wait
I received my red dragon today and WOW is it beutiful and boy does it have big traps and color on the plant is so beutiful I find it hard to belive that anyone in this world would not like this plant. Were I live it is almost impossible to find this plant at local nurserys as were I live they have low giants, dente, typicals and other types of venus flytraps I even found a cross tooth at a plant nursery but no red dargons :( But since I found this site I now have a prized red dragon in my collection :) And if it even dares to grow one of those EVIL flowers when it is still coming out of dormancy I will cut off >:( but if it is a healthy fly trap than its okay :) because then I can grow little dragons :D I recommend this plant to anyone who can aford enough sunlight so it can maintain its red color. (sorry for some spelling mastaks i may have made :p)
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Review by Mattheus / (Posted on 7/18/2012)
Nice Red Dragon
Akai Ryu is the first red variety of the Venus Flytrap that I bought. For the first year, I originally kept it in a small 4" pot and it did okay; it grew new traps, but stayed about the same size as it had arrived (about the same size as what you see in stores). After the first year, I moved it into a much larger pot and it really exploded in growth - it produced new traps that were twice the size of the original ones! The traps are even larger than that of my "typical" green VFT.

Interestingly for me, Akai Ryu and Royal Red are the only red VFTs that I have which have not propagated another plant from the crown (Pink Venus, FTS Crimson Sawtooth, and Red Piranha have).

I keep my VFTs in 14" pots (with Sarracenia). They are on my southern facing deck, so they get plenty of unobstructed, direct sunlight.

I bought my Akai Ryu from Peter D'Amato @ California Carnivores (that was before I knew flytrapcare.com existed).
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Review by Walter / (Posted on 12/27/2011)
great plant
I purchased 3 Akai Ryu in mid May and they are doing great outside in my small bog. They were all healthy plants with nice dark red traps. Shipping was quick and they all arrived in great shape. They started growing new traps within the week.

Mine are in full sun so the color is still great.
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Review by patricia3 / (Posted on 7/7/2011)
Akai Ryu
Akai Ryu, when i first received it it had strong red color, as time passed, the strong red color went away, i'm guessing this plant needs a great amount of sunlight, which i can't supply completely. I would reccomend you buy this VFT if you know you can supply it with at least 5-6 hours of complete direct sunlight!

The Akai Ryu came in pefect conditions, and leaves are very very tall and very thin, is a pretty neat VFT if given the right amount of sunlight!
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Review by jht-union / (Posted on 6/28/2011)
Long, leggy dark colored leaves and nice trap color
I have one mature doing very well. It grows really long thin leaves with nice, dark
colored traps. It's not one of my favorites, but it looks a lot like the Maroon Monster
except the trap size is smaller.
Plant is sparse and leaves are spaced appart instead of clustered and can get
very long and "spidery" after growing a while.
Though not a favorite of mine, I am happy to have it in my collection.

And the service from FTS was great as always :)
(originally posted on 6/15/11)
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Review by Stanley / (Posted on 6/28/2011)