FlytrapStore Customer Service Statement

Ordering accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for payment, but at present we can accept orders only from the United States. Although we can also accept money orders (specifiable during the checkout process), the shipping time will be delayed until after payment is received and processed. When paying by money order (payable to Matthew Miller) please send it to:
Flytrap Store
Attn: Matthew Miller
PO Box 403
Crystal City, MO 63019
The address above is also the general purpose address for inquiries or correspondence by mail. If there are problems with an order, please send email to


Resolving Problems with Orders
Have a problem with an order?  We can usually help in the following ways:
Cancel an order that has not yet been processed, or–
Refund a purchase price in full if the order was processed for payment but has not yet been shipped
Accept plants for return if they have been damaged during shipment (but not if they have been damaged after delivery for reasons explained elsewhere on this webpage); the customer is responsible for return shipping, and a full refund minus shipping charges is issued when the returned plants have been received

Limited Reserve Plants
We have a very limited stock of some plants including some of the rarer Venus Flytrap clones. In order to allow these plants to be distributed to as many customers as possible, purchase of these limited-reserve plants is restricted to one per person (or one 5 small plant bundle, if available) until we feel that we have enough of a particular plant to lift this restriction. Please note that this policy does not mean a limitation of just one of any particular limited-reserve plant per order, but instead just one per person until we have enough stock to accommodate multiple plants per person. If a limited-reserve plant appears in a subsequent order placed by the same person, the plant may be removed from the order and money for the plant refunded, including all or a portion of the shipping charge if applicable. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Orders are generally shipped 3-5 business days after being placed, taking into account practical considerations such as minimizing the live plants' time in transit. All packages within the U.S. are shipped by United States Postal Service Priority Mail, with delivery time normally 2-4 days after shipment, though date of delivery is not guaranteed. In very rare cases, it may take longer than 4 days for delivery. The expected delivery date does not come with a money-back guarantee.
We do ship during the winter months and there is not much chance of the plants being damaged by freezing in transit. However, they can easily be damaged or killed at their destination if left outside in freezing weather, so care must be taken by the recipient to have someone available at the shipping destination to bring any delivered packages indoors during freezing weather. In cases of severe weather and when the recipient is not able to have the packages held or to be home when they are delivered, it is recommended that orders be shipped to a PO Box or to an alternate address where the plants will receive immediate attention or protection upon arrival.


Seeds Shipments Have No Tracking Number
Seeds orders are shipped by standard domestic mail, and they have no tracking number. Shipping methods that would provide a tracking number are prohibitively expensive, especially when compared to the cost of the seeds themselves.

Viewing Orders
In order to be able to view your order status, you will have to create an account. However, even without registering for an account, whenever the status of your order changes, you will automatically be notified via the email address you provided at checkout. Be sure to check your email program's "spam" folder in case those emails are automatically deposited in that location.
Resolving Problems
We are experienced growers who take pride in our plants and the way we grow them to be their healthy, happy best. We are confident that they will grow well for you too if you learn about and understand their few needs and supply their requirements, which are simple but fairly strict (please visit for this information). We have developed our packing and shipping methods to ensure that plants arrive in good condition. However, if there is a problem please contact us at or use the Contact Form, so that we can work with you to resolve the problem. Please send some photos by email of the plant(s) and the packaging, if possible, so that we can better understand your description of the problem and offer comments and suggestions. Please note however that we are not responsible for anything that may happen to a package or plant(s) once they have been delivered, because that is entirely out of our control. Common problems include leaving the package outside for too long in direct sunlight or in very hot or very cold conditions, using the wrong kind of water or inappropriate soil, all of which can damage the plant(s). It is the customer's responsibility to give prompt attention to the package and plant(s) soon after arrival and to follow the suggestions in the instruction sheet included with the plants.
Updating Your Account Information
Once you have created an account, you can log in and update your account information including shipping addresses, newsletter subscriptions, and your wishlists.
More Support and Help
To learn how to care for your Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants and to get a wide range of helpful and pertinent answers to your questions, please visit or join the Forum, where you will receive tips and responses from many helpful growers of all experience levels and in many locations around the world, including us.


Policies and Terms
We do not sell wholesale except by special arrangement. We may refuse or cancel an order under certain conditions, including orders from a person or entity we regard as constituting commercial competition. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Best wishes and happy growing! —Matt Miller,