FTS Maroon Monster Venus Flytrap

FTS Maroon Monster

Bohemian Garnet Venus Flytrap

Bohemian Garnet

Mystery Box!

95% of 100
Either 5 or 10, you choose below, small to medium-sized Venus Flytraps, pitcher plants (possibly quite large!), or other carnivorous plants at a rock-bottom bargain price.

A Mystery box is a great deal but also a bit of a gamble! You might be happy with what you receive or you might be disappointed. See full description below for details.

If you'd like a bit more assurance as to what you will be receiving, be sure to check out the Premium Mystery Box.
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A Mystery Box usually contains plants that are somewhat smaller than others we sell, but might have some (very!) large Sarracenia (pitcher plants), and might consist of a variety of plants, or multiples of just several types of plant, or possibly only a quantity of a single type of plant.

The choice is ours and we take no special requests for the Mystery Boxes. It's a great bargain, but it's also a bit of a gamble for the customer.

A Mystery Box is a great way to obtain Venus Flytraps or pitcher plants for a mass planting, bog garden, or mini bog, to simply increase one's collection or have multiple Venus Flytraps to plant together in a larger container. A mystery box is also great for beginners who want to learn how to grow carnivorous plants without spending too much.
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