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Matt Miller, owner of FlytrapStore.com

From Matt, co-owner—

My current interest in carnivorous plants began as a childhood love and has since turned into the FlytrapCare.com website and community and FlytrapStore.com plant and supplies source. I grow and raise carnivorous plants and conduct tissue culture propagation where I live in southeastern Missouri where the warm and humid summers are ideal for growing most carnivories!!


About FlyTrapStore.com

Flytrap Store, FlytrapStore.com, is a 2-person team, Matt and Leah, with a tiny nursery in sunny southeastern Missouri, where we grow healthy and happy Venus Flytraps that we hope bring big smiles to their new caretakers.

Leah Miller of FlytrapStore

We offer all kinds of Venus Flytraps, and Matt is always on the lookout for even more cool new types to offer. It’s one of the things that we feel makes us unique, and dare we say- the best!


Join in on the fun!

The FlytrapStore.com is also associated with an active and thriving online carnivorous plant community, and you are warmly welcomed to this community if you wish, to either actively interact with other members or just simply look at photos, read member tips, questions, and comments.
If you have questions about how to care for Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants, you can start by reading the articles at FlytrapCare.com and finish up by asking more questions on the forum. You can also shoot us an email at matt@flytrapcare.com or the whole Flytrap Store team at sales@flytrapcare.com.


Mailing Address

For inquiries or other correspondence by mail, or when paying for an order with a check or money order (payable to Matthew Miller) the address is:

Flytrap Store
Matthew Miller
PO Box 403
Crystal City, MO 63019

Thank you for visiting FlytrapStore.com and FlytrapCare.com