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Spider has extra-long leaf blades (the stems that the traps are attached to), so the leaves arch upward and then toward the ground like a spider's legs.


Spider is one of several long-leafed Venus Flytrap clones including the WIP Long Snapper, WIP Slim Snapper and Creeping Death.

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My Spider arrived within 6 business days (8 days) and when it arrived, it was carefully packaged, and all of the traps were open! At first, I was a bit hesitant to order, but don't be! It seems to be better to order here, than at a local nursery! There were no dead traps, the medium was moist, and the plant was well fed, and clearly had very good care before he was shipped! This was my first, but not last, order from FlytrapStore.com, and it was worth every penny it cost me! Not only that, it also came with bonus plants, and so many heads, I didn't bother to count! The picture above does not do this plant justice. I recommend this to any carnivorous plant lover!
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Review by Crusher The Sundew / (Posted on 6/13/2015)
spider web
Spider is a nice clone it has nice long petiole and cacthes insect real well and has nice red trap im so happy to have this clone in my collection. It was deliverd a day sooner and all trap was opean and crisp thank again
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Review by Antoine / (Posted on 11/8/2011)