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Werewolf Spawn

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Pure plant evil, bwahahaha! Dare you adopt one of these "puppies"? Feast your eyes on these seedling spawn of the infamous Werewolf flytrap cultivar from Europe, exceptionally identifiable by its awesomely intimidating Werewolf fang "teeth." These Werewolf Spawn were painstakingly grown from seed by Matt here at FlytrapStore, from self-pollinated Werewolf flowers. There are 13 genetically distinct Werewolf Spawn (the number is purely coincidence, we swear), all greatly resembling the Werewolf "top dog," yet each also unique in slight and interesting ways. Werewolf Spawn are truly a Top 5 favorite for both Matt and Leah at FlytrapStore - we hope you'll agree! *Silver bullet not included
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Unlike most of FlytrapStore's offerings, this particular product isn't a clone of a specific plant, but rather an offering of 13 genetically distinct plants. All are very similar in appearance, with only minor differences in trap shape and growth habit. The good news is that if you purchase more than one, there's a good chance you will end up with slightly different looking, but equally scary looking plants! The mother plant, Werewolf, was selected in 2011 in Europe because the teeth of the traps resemble the claws of a werewolf.
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