Why order from FlytrapStore.com?

In addition to being the original Venus-flytrap-focused carnivorous plant store in the US and offering many unique types of Venus Flytraps, we also make the extra effort to offer:

—The very best Venus Flytraps that we know of, healthy and robust, and chosen for each order with care and attention.


Fast and friendly customer service. We always reply to e-mails within 24 hours, and often just within a few hours or even less. Even though we're out in the greenhouses throughout the day, we check our e-mail to make sure we can get back to you quickly!


—A huge variety of Venus Flytraps. We have all kinds of awesome Flytraps, red and green, short and tall, "saw" teeth or eyelash-type teeth; you name it! From 'Alien' to 'DC XL' to 'FTS Purple Ambush' we've got any aesthetic preference covered. Plus, it's so fun to collect the different types!


VIP Service / Curator. Aren't sure what type of Venus Flytrap(s) you want right now? Don't have the time to browse through? Want an insider advantage into what's looking especially in its fantastic prime, in the greenhouses? Just e-mail us at sales@flytrapcare.com, with your preferences, and we'll hand-pick Venus Flytrap(s) for you based on what you like, and what's looking especially awesome in the greenhouses.


Freshly and expertly potted Venus Flytraps, so you don't have to re-pot for many months, and you know your Flytrap is potted just right, with great care and attention. Finding appropriate and fresh growing medium can be tedious and difficult, so we make sure you don't have to go through that.


Two media (soil) options for potted plants. For those people who prefer Premium New Zealand long-fibered sphagnum moss we offer that as a product option in addition to the standard peat-based soil mix (our FlytrapStore soil mix.


—A sister care site: FlytrapCare.com. We send you a detailed Care Sheet with all of our Venus Flytraps, but we also offer FlytrapCare.com, where you can find tons of information, and a Venus flytrap forum to connect with other enthusiasts if you choose.


Special user-friendly button links. Click on our big blue and orange buttons to find out "What's In Stock" or if "I'm New." That way you don't have to go browsing through the many offerings – unless you want to, which can be so much fun if you have the time!