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Seed-Grown Venus Flytrap

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Seed-Grown Venus Flytrap

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The vast majority of Venus Flytraps sold and distributed are clones. But seed-grown Venus Flytraps are each unique and display a wide variety of characteristics of growth, color and form. Great for adding diversity to a collection or breeding program.

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Most Venus Flytraps are genetically identical copies produced usually by sterile laboratory tissue-culture techniques or vegetative division. Venus Flytraps grown from seed are genetically unique, interesting plants themselves and great for adding genetic diversity to one's collection or breeding program.

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Thrilled With My New Plant!
I am so happy with my new "surprise" flytrap! I love the idea of not knowing which random flytrap you will get. After reading many other happy customers reviews, I decided to give it a try, too. If you're thinking about purchasing one, please do! When my little flytrap came, it was lovingly and carefully packaged. It had around 10 traps, all very much alive and in great condition! I was so excited to find that I am the proud owner of a new Sawtoothed Venus Flytrap! I think in the near future, I might need one for at the office too!
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Review by Happy Fly-trappy / (Posted on 6/21/2019)
Beautiful plant
I ordered a young seed grown which arrived on 7/20/16. It was perfectly packaged. It's an upright grower with short teeth. Looks like it was planted with some baby vft. Couldn't be happier with my order.
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Review by Liv / (Posted on 7/29/2016)
Amazing Plant, Amazing Service
I had never had any carnivorous plants before, and I decided it would be awesome to try having a Venus fly trap. I really didn't want to order online but no nurseries in my area had any in stock, so I ordered this seed grown, and I couldn't be happier! It arrived in 4 business days all of the way from Oregon to Mid-Michigan, and it came in perfect condition! Part of the plant was green with shorter cilia and part was green and red with long cilia, so I figured that as traps grew bigger they would darken, and I noticed the rhizome seemed to have split. For this reason, I reported and it looks like Matt and Leah sent me two seed grown of different genetics! The quality of service couldn't be beaten at the FlytrapStore and they have gotten me hooked on the hobby of growing venus fly traps- I just ordered a young Akai Ryu and a young Dentate, I can't wait to continue watching my collection grow with the FlytrapStore!
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Review by 17ptrombley / (Posted on 4/10/2016)
Gorgeous plants, generous service!
I ordered a single seed-grown fly trap from FTS and it arrived just five days from date of my order, from Oregon all the way to me in Virginia! The beautiful plant I received looks to be in excellent health and came with no black leaves or traps. Some of the leaves/traps are a lovely dark maroon while many others are a healthy green with red coloration inside. The spines are longer and thinner on the maroon traps and more sawtoothy on the green ones. There are over ten traps total with many more tiny ones coming in, with several already reaching out and upwards even upon arrival.

When I replanted my specimen into it's permanent home, I discovered that the plant indeed appears to be two different varieties placed together instead of just one. I also noticed that one of them had already reproduced and split into two. I ended up with three beautiful plants instead of one! I will definitely be ordering from FTS again!
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Review by Gaby / (Posted on 3/10/2016)
Awesome fly trap
I love the young potted plant I ordered! When it arrived it was very healthy, there were 10 traps on it. I've had it for about two weeks and there are already 9 new traps growing already! Great plant, I will definitely order more from here!
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Review by c / (Posted on 7/2/2015)
Very cool
I can't wait to order some more of these!!

My plant is large and very unique. It has a yellowish/lime green coloration with bright red on the interior of its traps and cilia. It seems to be an upright grower with large traps. It will be very interesting to watch this plant mature this growing season.
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Review by Sarah / (Posted on 6/24/2015)
I was very skeptical at first to order a plant from the internet. However, let me just say - WOW. I was originally going to buy a typical, but when potted, young adult Typicals went out of order, rather than wait, I opted for a seed-grown. I am so very glad I did! I'm fairly sure my little trap is a descendant of Sawtooth and Korean Melody Shark. It arrived two days after it shipped, in fantastic health. It was obviously very loved. My new baby (dubbed Gilgamesh by my boyfriend) came with a care sheet and handwritten note from Matt, complete with smiley face. I haven't counted and so don't know an exact number, but there are at LEAST fifteen hungry traps on this guy! Most of them are brand-new and just opened - so tiny and cute! I'm going to wait until he's done pouting from the ride here to feed him, but I'm very happy with my purchase. Will DEFINITELY be buying from FTS again and again! I have already recommended to my friends, a few of which are already going to make purchases!
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Review by Nini / (Posted on 8/20/2014)
I was originally skeptical about receiving a plant through the mail. However, having found FTS through FlytrapCare.com after I purchased a Flytrap at Lowe's and immediately realized I didn't know what to do with it (thank goodness I found them - I would have killed poor little Audrey in days!), and not seeing a single bad review on the site (other than a three-star from someone who was unhappy about what they got in a Mystery Box), I decided to give them a shot.
I am so, so glad that I did. I opted for a Seed-Grown after the potted, young adult Typicals were out of stock (again, something I'm so very glad for) and let me just say - WOW. The plant arrived today (8.20) after being shipped Monday (8.18) and it was immediately obvious it was a loved plant with FTS. My new baby (dubbed "Gilgamesh" by my boyfriend) came with at LEAST 15 very hungry traps (most of them brand-new and just opening - so tiny and cute!). The biggest trap is around an inch long, and I'm eager to see how big he'll get. He looks to be a hybrid of Sawtooth and a Korean Melody Shark and is very healthy, very strong and very beautiful. I will definitely be ordering again - I'm 150% a very happy customer.
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Review by Nini / (Posted on 8/20/2014)
Beautiful VFT and a great service
The fly trap arrived quickly and looked happy and healthy. Its was secured very well inside the box and included good planting/growing instructions. The plant itself is beautiful with dark red coloring and bright green lips, and though I haven't had a chance to see its roots yet I strongly suspect there are actually multiple plants.
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Review by Matthew / (Posted on 5/19/2014)
Very robust!
I bought the "Five small plants" option, which was more like 5 small plants and 20 seedlings... Thanks for the extras! Got them planted in FTS peat/sand growing medium. Had a couple rough weeks, shock I suppose, but boy have they perked up! Growing very well, with a lot of new growth. I will be a repeat customer for sure!
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Review by Jeffrey / (Posted on 5/1/2014)
Ordered this product about a week ago and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I received an email with tracking information about when to receive my plant, and I could not believe that it got to me in 2 days.
The plant was in excellent condition, packed nicely with a care sheet, wrapping all around the plant to keep it tidy, and taped up so it didn't fall apart. It was almost adult-proof! Even though it was in early dormancy, it looks beautiful. Many traps and only a couple were closed. I wondered if they closed because of shipping or because of feeding.... so I took a flashlight out and shined it against the trap, and sure enough I could see the exoskeletons of bugs! How cool!
I am very happy with this purchase, and the hand written note on my receipt gives the customer service an added touch. I highly recommend!
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Review by Lauren / (Posted on 10/26/2013)
I ordered the young adult plant and received it quickly. Two very large traps with too many smaller ones and sprouting to count. Very very nice red color in the traps. Cant wait to see her next growing season after dormancy (just started)
Glad I could see her looking good though :)
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Review by Alex / (Posted on 10/8/2013)
great plant awsome service
Got these today shipping was super fast i got them in 2 days. When i opened it i was so suprised FTS take so good care of their plants. Instead of the normal 5 i got 8 fully formed traps and one growing. I also enjoyed the hand written note. Will surely be ordering again.
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Review by spectacular plant. / (Posted on 7/18/2013)
Very Beautuful, Looks Like A FTS Maroon Monster
I ordered one young adult, potted Seed Grown Venus Flytrap in this order. I received it in excellent condition a few days after ordering. This plant is very beautiful. It looks like a FTS Maroon Monster. It has 8 fully formed traps and a few more forming on new leaves. Largest traps measures 1 inch. Traps are very deep red (maroon) inside and out with a fine green trim along the outside "teeth" area. Leaves are green, trimmed in very deep red (maroon). We are very pleased with this Seed Grown Venus Flytrap.
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Review by Randy / (Posted on 7/12/2013)
this is a very good plant and impressive in my oppinion. Ive never had a better one yet.
I like this plant and looked at it with mine and mine got twisted leaves and i got all my leaves connecting to one head that was, yes 4 and a half centimeters.
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Review by seedy trap / (Posted on 11/2/2012)
Got two big and one small
I bought this trap because of the description and was very surprised and pleased when they arrived, one big mature plant along with a smaller but mature plant and then this little, tiny one but all were healthy and eating well. The traps are pretty big and the color on them is just beautiful, can't wait to watch them grow. I will be buying more of them because it looks like they are all different, you never know what you might get.
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Review by Scorpio5569 / (Posted on 8/10/2012)
Absolutely Amazing!!
Just got my Flytraps in last night and they are fantastic! They have beautiful color and I can't wait to watch them continue to grow!! Thank y'all so much!
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Review by Josh / (Posted on 6/2/2012)
shock and awe
recieved my seed grown vft and all i can say is WOW!!!! they are in such great health and color they almost look like they are made of plastic! you guys do a great job on raising them and shipping them! im already having more plants shipped to me as we speak. keep it up matt and steve...you guys have my business!!!
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Review by Brandon / (Posted on 4/24/2012)
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Review by Brandon / (Posted on 4/20/2012)
Great Colorful Young Adult
Received a seed grown from Matt a couple weeks ago ! It's just coming out of dormancy and is already sending out new traps ! I am fairly new to the VFT hobby and I am glad that I came across this website to get me started in such a fascinating and rewarding hobby ! All the plants I have purchased have very healthy and there is not a better website on the web to learn from ! I spend hours in the forum reading and learning ! Keep up the GREAT work FTS !

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Review by FlyMuncher / (Posted on 4/8/2012)
I couldn't be happier
I spent about what I did on my first single flytrap on this bundle, and got SEVERAL extra flytraps of various sizes- you guys are extremely generous!! Thank you SO much.
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Review by Charli / (Posted on 3/30/2012)
Fantastic plant!
I tossed one of these in with my recent order to see what they are like, and to say the least I am very pleased. I ordered a young adult plant, it is MASSIVE for a dormant plant, with traps right at an inch in length. I can't wait to see this plant in the summer months. Everyone should have at least one of these gorgeous plants.
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Review by Chris / (Posted on 1/9/2012)
Seed grown VFT
i got these today and i got a nice big one that has teeth like a dente and 2 baby ones and matts assistant leela wrote that it should stick up during the summer growth and the baby ones are not big enough to really tell much about but when it starts to grow in the spring they should grow nice.
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Review by colby100 / (Posted on 10/24/2011)
Seed grown vft
when i got these today i got a note from matts assistant leela saying that he did not want to send it at first but eventually did and now i have him and its got teeth like a dente and since its going dormant now it is more low to the ground but when its in full summer growth its suppose to stick up high and i also got 2 baby seed grown VFTs one is slightly larger than the other and hope they will grow big also they have long large root sytems even the smallest baby one has a long root. Review by colby / (Posted on 10/24/2011)
A Nice Surprise
I ordered a mature seed-grown venus flytrap about a month ago and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. Its traps were so large that I had a difficult time telling the difference between it and the Etna that I'd ordered. It was a large, healthy (and well-packed) plant. It's settled into its new pot nicely and seems to be very vigorous as well. I was even given a second young one as a bonus! If you're even thinking of ordering one of these - just do it - think of it as your own, unique, plant. Thank you Matt and Steve.
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Review by Nicholas / (Posted on 10/11/2011)
Buy Yourself A Mature
$14.95 bought me an enormous "Jaws" variety plant with blood red trap interiors. Clearly a full grown carnivore, largest traps measured around 1.5", supported by thick, tall petioles. At present time, only my 2 "FTS Etna" VFTs can compete for trap size.
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Review by Sam (Stratofortress) / (Posted on 10/2/2011)
Amazing beautiful Flytraps
I have just about everything in my flytrap collection. From B52's to Big Mouths to Dutch to Red Piranha's and Jaws. I could go on and on. I recently purchased four of these seed grown plants and was blown away when they arrived. The plants that I received have the most beautiful blood red traps of anything in my collection.
I immediately placed an order for two more. I'm hooked on these seed grown flytraps. These plants are the best bargain of anything on the web.
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Review by DTDream18 / (Posted on 9/23/2011)
i received this plant in under a week and the traps were huge!! i only got a young adult but it was beautiful and had traps over an inch long!! truly a fantastic plant.
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Review by Joe / (Posted on 8/25/2011)
Awesome plants
My plants were great looking. I also got about 10 instead of 5 plants. Thanks alot Matt. These plants are truly amazing.
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Review by JoeyJoe / (Posted on 8/20/2011)
Beautiful, unique, must have
The 3 seed grown venus flytraps I purchased from the Flytrap Store arrived in excellent condition as always. Two of them are lower lying (grow close to the ground), and one of those has an interesting pink coloration on the outside of the traps. The 3rd of the other flytraps is an all over the place vigorous grower, some tall leaves, some short.

I think everyone should own at least one of the flytrap store's seed grown venus flytraps. You don't know what the plant will look like but you can be sure it will be a good sized, extremely healthy & unique plant.
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Review by Shes Crofty / (Posted on 7/25/2011)
Great Plants! Great Shipping!
Ordered a seed grown bare root VFT in June and got it in a few days. Sturdy USPS box and carefully wrapped plants in wet paper towels and sealed Ziplock bag. Arrived in better than store bought condition. Classic, big and healthy VFTs, all around. Yep. Plural. They sent me a bonus small seed grown.
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Review by Fortyninecents / (Posted on 6/29/2011)
Lime-green, 4 Large Traps, Arrived in perfect condition
My seed-grown VFT arrived in perfect condition after being shipped to Virginia. The packaging ensured that it stayed moist for several days in the box and that the upright-growing leaves of my plant were allowed to stretch out and not become damaged. Many more emerging leaves can be seen forming at the center.

My order also included a personal, hand-written note from Matt thanking me and describing the notable characteristics of my plant. I thought this was a very nice touch and I can't wait to pick out a new VFT from the store to grow next to this one. (originally posted on 6/17/11)
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Review by Kevin / (Posted on 6/28/2011)
D-D-D-Damn !
i ordered mature and wow this vft was HUGE with like 10 traps on it and the rizome was so fatty and healthy looking with a long 6in roots. i planted it and the plant sticks up stiff and it was shipped so nice the traps are still open and it looks hungry, not to mention i had bugs in the traps already and one trap had 2 flies (originally posted on 6/14/11)
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Review by Dubstep13 / (Posted on 6/28/2011)
Amazing mature Seed Grown VFT!
I ordered he seed grown VFT with a H. minor, both are truly amazing and really healthy, the VFT has gigantic trap, with green lime in the margins and red througout the leaf with a bit of yellowish color. I have to say, it looks amazing, and for those who definitely want to add a VFT to their collection, consider adding one seed grown VFT that you can name however you want, you won't be dissapointed with whatever you get! (originally posted on 6/3/11)
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Review by jht-union / (Posted on 6/28/2011)
Large plant with large traps, and red/purple coloration.
Received this guy with the mature Jaws I ordered, and am equally impressed with both size and coloration. I can see a little purple coloration in one of the traps currently! AWESOME!!! (originally posted on 5/31/11)
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Review by IT was MASSIVE and PURPLE / (Posted on 6/28/2011)