Testimonials from customers of FlytrapStore.com

Hi Matt and Leah, Thank you so much for sending me such gorgeous and healthy pitcher plants. Your plants have exceeded my expectations. They arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with my purchase. Looking forward to recieving my Hurricane Creek White pitcher. Everything that I have purchased from you has been top notch. Want to let you know that I am a customer of yours for life. As long as I have room. Lol! Thank you again so much, as do appreciate your plants so so much!!! Take care my friends!—RM, Pennsylvania, US

I have received several orders of VFT cultivars and Sarracenia from Matt and Leah in the past couple of weeks. I have been adding quite a few plants to my modest collection from you as well other well-known sellers. Your products have consistently rated as #1. Beautiful plants, well-described and sized, expertly potted, and perfectly packaged. I have attached a photo of my newly completed bog pot, using the Sarracenias I bought from you. A fun project using VFTs from other sellers also. The VFTs I bought from you I have kept in the pots they came in…too nice to re-pot! Thank you for making buying from the Flytrapstore a real pleasure! —EL, New Hampshire, US

AWESOME! - My vft came in, it was in great shape, succulent, and ready for action. I think this is my 3rd purchase from your company and you never disappoint! :) —MV, Pennsylvania, US

I must say I have been shopping with you guy for years... you have never let me down... your VFT always looks good and very healthy... I will continue buying from you guys even though I’m running out of space I have 60 some Venus fly traps in my backyard!! I just love my little critters. So thank you for continuing your business for all us VFT lovers.—RA, California, US

The FlytrapStore was the second seller we went to after having dealt with a competitor. The plant we bought from him was not in good shape to begin with and died soon after. I suspect it was a shipping issue. When we ordered from the FlyTrap Store we were not prepared for how rapidly the VFT would arrive. Also it was packed with a care, by someone who must love VFT's. We have lowered expectations living in arid South Texas, but the VFT sent to us is thriving. Out of the box with no dead leaves or black anywhere, and a couple of hours in the sun-with a dash of distilled water-perked it right up. Leah patiently answered several e-mails I sent and has been very helpful. From the neophyte to the experienced grower, I unhesitatingly recommend the Fly Trap Store for your purchases. —MB, Texas, US

You have the best customer service of any business I've ever dealt with, even going beyond what your customers should expect! Thanks for all the healthy plants you sell. —BW, North Carolina, US

You prepare and ship your plants with more care than any on-line nursery with whom I have ever dealt. Opening one of your shipments, with such carefully packaged plants, is like opening a Christmas box. This may sound over the top, but please believe me that from a customer's point of view it isn't. I am in the process of restocking and expanding my Venus flytrap collection and, while many were ordered from you, I had to also place orders with several other companies to get all the plants I wanted. None of them came close to your outstanding standard. Thank you very much. —WS, California, US

I have never seen such a healthy plant with such a long well defined root system. How do you grow these beautiful VFT plants? You two greenthumbs are just unbelievable. —ML, New York, US

I'm a first time customer, and my first order gets stolen while in transit. After alerting the FlytrapStore to what had happened, Leah arranges to send a replacement at no cost to me. The new shipment arrived with the plants in perfect condition with multiple traps. It was packed so well I had a little trouble getting it unwrapped! Customer service is outstanding, and it's nice to deal with an actual person instead of a machine. —TD, Indiana, US

Just a word about my recent order: received yesterday and, as usual, you guys rock! Plants look healthy, and the extras are greatly appreciated. The only reason I ever buy anywhere else is availability. Understandable, considering how much you guys rock. Everyone wants your plants! I have another order that I'm expecting to arrive in the next day or two; can't wait! Thanks again for your generosity with your orders! Rarely is such a trait found in this "industry". Peace! —SB, Illinois, US

Hi Matt and Leah, I want to thank you both personally for you professional service and kindness you guys provide. The plants have been nothing short of just the best I have found from any place I have ordered! My daughter and I love watching them grow and are in such amazement on how they each develop their own personality! And thanks for the little notes you send with each order. —Jim and daughter, Pennsylvania, US

You guys have the nicest plants and the best prices! I wish you carried Nepenthes too. You guys always take such great care of me whether you are saving me money on shipping or sending me great plants I know I will never be disappointed! —KS, Montana, US

I have received my Pink Flytrap today and it looks amazing. The traps on the plant are enormous. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the purchase and that I am definitely going to buy another one from you guys. —AB, New Jersey, US

This is the mother of all excellent sellers! Excellent communication, excellent packaging, fun to deal with, excellent prices, attention to detail, simply the best of the crop! —JC, Malta, Europe

I will be telling my friends about your great service, great plants and the way you treated my orders, and the great job in info. on your wonderful Web. site! So glad I found you guys! Thanks again, for the plants I got are much more then I was thinking I get for this time of year and I know I got a great deal! I'll be ordering again SOON!" —DLB, Texas, US

I just received my second order from "Flytrapstore.com" and could not be happier. You guys package your shipments really well. All the plants arrived happy and healthy. One of the things i just ordered was the "Giant Mystery Box "and i have to say, it was fun not knowing what i might be getting when i opened the box up. It was really cool getting plants i did not have already. Once again, thank you for the great plants and the TLC you give them. —AC, Washington, US

Just wanted to personally say thank you for the best plant now in my collection hands down can't wait to order from you again. —BM, Massachusetts, US

I ordered a few Venus flytraps from another nursery a couple months ago because you happened to be out of stock of the ones that I wanted to order at the time. When they arrived, I was disappointed. But then, I thought about it and realized that nothing about the order was "bad". It was simply because my expectations were so high because you both set the bar so darn high -- that just shows how awesome you guys are. —NN, California, US

My hobby has progressed a great deal because of both of you, and I am definitely a satisfied customer! You guys run a great business and I'm happy to support it! —DM, Texas, US

Guys, You do a Great Job. Wanted to say that and you both should be proud of yourselves as most places do not compare to the quality of plants that you guys sell. —JT, Pennsylvania, US

Its like you guys were born to raise these plants. I am more than 100 percent satisfied. i am so glad i found the flytrap store because its the only place i can trust that what I receive is over outstanding quality. For this kind of quality, You must love to grow these plants. Its amazing how good your communication is and how you always manage to make the customer completely satisfied. —AB, Michigan, US

The plants I continue to receive from your business are so perfect, they're like little gemstones (Especially The Small 5 Plant Bundles.) As always, your generosity is never taken for granted. Thanks for all the XTRAS. —SL, Maryland, US

Thank You for the awesome Flytraps! The Bohemian Garnet I ordered a while back is doing great and is producing lots of new traps. The B52 and A2 are spectacular, I was surprised at how well they looked when I received them. Not one of their traps died from being transplanted. The Big Mouth and Paradisia look superb as well. I am extremely satisfied with the plants I got. I will be buying more in the future! Thank You for the awesome website, service, and plants. —JC, Texas, US

Just would like to say your traps are the best I've seen online!!!! I am so happy with them. I have made mistakes ever buying from somewhere else...you guys have amazing traps!!!!!! Will place another order very soon!!!! Thank you so much for showing pride and quality in your traps. —WL, New York, US

I believe your plants to be of the highest quality and representation of the many different cultivars and even more unique plants out there and wish I had found you sooner.. I have even purchased duplicates of a couple plants I have already because your plants are of such high quality and just eye catching ...thank you for the very nice reply and the care you put into every order you ship..it means a lot because I can tell by the care of packing the plants and all the information you supply and the website that you care about these beautiful plants but and also the customers. The help you give to make sure they are well cared for is the best out there. I am looking forward to more purchases in the future and I check your website everyday for Information and updates...Again thank you very much! —VS, Arkansas, US