Trichterfalle x Coquillage Venus fly trap

Trichterfalle x Coquillage

Green Mutant Venus fly trap

Green Mutant

Green Wizard

100% of 100
Green Wizard produces short and narrow leaves bearing rotund traps that are about 1.25 inches in maximum size. The teeth are extremely short and resemble small spikes, similar to those of Coquillage. All parts of the foliage are yellowish-green, except the interior of the traps which can attain a faint pinkish coloration in strong light.
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Green Wizard was selected by Dutch horticulturist Gert Hoogenstrijd. Cultivated widely since 2010, Green Wizard resulted from a spontaneous mutation in tissue culture. Green Wizard is a relatively small Venus flytrap, with an overall diameter normally in the 4 inch range.
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