Red Fused Petiole - BCP F04 Venus fly trap

Red Fused Petiole - BCP F04

SD Kronos Venus fly trap

SD Kronos


Sporting bizarre looking misshapen traps that look reminiscent of pom poms used by Cheerleaders, this unusual Venus flytrap was given its name and registered as an official cultivar in 2013.
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Dionaea Cheerleader is a new and exciting variety recently registered as an official cultivar. NOTE: Cheerleader will revert to producing normal-looking traps from time to time. In the several years we've grown it, it has reverted to a normal looking flytrap and then back to making pom pom traps several times. All Cheerleader flytraps that are listed for sale on our website will have at least one pom pom trap.
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