FlytrapStore is moving! We are not currently accepting orders. We will be back online as soon as possible, probably by early July.
Wish us and the plants luck with the move!


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FlytrapStore is Moving!!!

Leah and Matt are packing up the plants and hauling them over 2000 miles from Oregon to Missouri. Our last day of accepting orders until the move is complete was June 7th. We will try to be back online as soon as possible after the move but don't expect to be accepting orders again until July 2021. The great news is that the plants will grow much better in Missouri and we'll have a nice, large greenhouse to keep them warm in the winter, so we should be able to offer even more of the plants that everyone is looking for and at larger sizes! Wish us and the plants luck with the move!!

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Matt Miller of FlytrapStoreVenus FlytrapWe are a small southern Oregon Venus Flytrap nursery, run by husband and wife, Matt and Leah.  We have years and years of experience in knowing how to grow the very best thriving Venus Flytraps, and are happy to offer and send to you the most extraordinarily healthy and robust Venus Flytraps, freshly and expertly potted in premium growing medium.  Because we are a small nursery dedicated to Venus Flytraps, we are able to grow and raise our Venus Flytraps with great attention and care, and, as we're told from customer feedback, provide quick, kind, and helpful customer service.

We offer an awesome variety of rare and popular Venus Flytrap types ("cultivars") from around the world.  And, from our own breeding program, we also proudly present our own exclusive "FTS" Venus Flytraps - interesting, unusual and superior Venus Flytraps that we have identified, named, and propagated for fellow Venus Flytrap enthusiasts.

FlytrapStore also makes available some fun and essential Venus Fly Trap extras, like growing medium, miticide, T-shirts, and books.  We also seasonally have available other carnivorous plants, such as "Sundews" and "Pitcher Plants."

Leah Miller of FlytrapStore

We love Venus Fly Traps and enjoy making a nice variety of them available to anyone who shares our fascination with these unique little monster-plants. Welcome!

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Thanks so much for visiting us, and please e-mail us anytime with any questions; we’d be happy to hear from you. Hope you enjoy the site, and welcome to the Venus Fly Trap world!

-Matt & Leah
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To learn about Venus Fly Traps and other carnivorous plants and how to grow them, visit our companion site, and join the discussion at the FlytrapCare Forum.

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