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Bohemian Garnet is distinct most notably for its striking deep red coloring and its unique saw-like teeth. It is also unique for its red-leafed compact petite size, with mature plants typically only reaching 2 to 3 inches in diameter, bested only by Petite Dragon in this category. It was first bred in the Czech Republic (Bohemia), and named after the beautiful gem, garnet. The Bohemian Garnet multiplies more than average, with many baby flytraps. This Venus Flytrap has the distinction of being an officially registered cultivar.
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Bohemian Garnet is a vividly colored red-leafed Venus Flytrap with short, sawlike teeth and compact stature. It is an officially registered cultivar. The complete cultivar description for Bohemian Garnet, and photos, can be found here: Bohemian Garnet.
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