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Sawtooth x Piranha Venus Fly Trap

Sawtooth x Piranha

Freaky Star

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"Freaky Star" was chosen for great distinction by Araflora in the Netherlands, because of its extremely uncommon and highly remarkable traps that are much different than a typical Venus Flytrap. Freaky Star showcases razor-frayed trap margins, resembling an exploding star.
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Whereas most Venus Flytraps have long, slender hair-like cilia "teeth," Freaky Star shockingly has nothing resembling that! - instead, the cilia have fused and spread into a magnificent exploding star. Very cool. Very unique. And, to add icing to the cake, Freaky Star is extraordinarily hardy for a Venus Flytrap. Can you tell we're impressed by this Flytrap supernova?

Similar in appearance to Biohazard, where Freaky Star differs is that the trait is very stable whereas Biohazard will often revert to looking normal.

We've also grown "Firemouth" which looks identical to "Freaky Star" but is a little less hardy.
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