Umgekrempelt Venus flytrap

GJ Umgekrempelt

GJ Phalanx

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Named for its very long marginal lashes that are usually red in coloration, GJ Phalanx is a very striking Venus flytrap. If you like GJ Phalanx, be sure to check out another plant from our own breeding program, Trictherfalle x Coquillage, that has very long "teeth" which rival or surpass those of Phalanx! Photos of this wonderful flytrap can be found here: Photos of Phalanx Venus flytrap.
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GJ Phalanx is a Venus fly trap that was selected and named by Matthias Maier of Green Jaws Nursery in Germany. GJ Phalanx has exceptionally long "lashes" or marginal spines that look as if they are covered in blood! It is a genetically somewhat smaller plant than the "giant" flytraps.
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