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Easy growing instructions for cultivating healthy, happy Venus Fly Traps!

Venus Fly Trap Cultivated Varieties

Learn about the many different cultivated varieties of Venus Fly Traps!

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Here you will learn everything you need to know about how to grow the biggest, healthiest Venus Fly Traps!

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Venus Fly Trap Care Basics

The basics that all Venus Fly Trap Growers must learn to grow healthy, happy Venus Fly Traps!

Feeding Venus Fly Traps!

Learn how to accelerate your plants' growth by regularly feeding them!

Venus Fly Trap Light

Learn about Venus Fly Trap lighting requirements.

Venus Fly Trap Watering

Learn how to properly water your Venus Fly Trap!

Venus Fly Trap Soil

Learn about proper Venus Fly Trap Soil and potting methods!

Venus Fly Trap Dormancy

Learn about the yearly dormancy requirement of Venus Fly traps!

Growing Venus Fly Traps from Seed

Learn how to grow Venus Fly Traps from seed to adulthood!

Venus Fly Trap Propagation

Learn the many ways to propagate Venus Fly Traps!

Venus Fly Trap Cultivated Varieties

Also known as Cultivars, named Varieties of Venus Fly traps are very popular among collectors. Read more about them!