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Red Fused Petiole - BCP F04

Booman's Mutant

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Booman's Mutant is an awesome little chameleon. The appearance of Booman's Mutant varies drastically from season to season. It normally has long, thin leaf-bases, similar to Korean Melody Shark. And in the spring traps look almost normal, but are slightly misshapen with shorter-than-normal teeth (cilia). As the growing season progresses, the teeth get shorter and shorter and almost appear non-existent during the winter months, as shown in the product photo.
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Booman's Mutant is a very interesting flytrap obtained in 2012 from Milo Booman of Booman Floral, a large wholesale nursery located in Southern California. We're happy that Milo Booman was willing to trade this plant to us for some of our FlytrapStore Venus fly trap seeds so that we could clone and propagate this plant and offer it to collectors worldwide.
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