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Royal Red

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Royal Red

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Royal Red bears large traps on long and graceful petioles, deep dark red with strikingly contrasting lime-green borders on the traps. It is an officially registered cultivar.


Royal Red was such an impressively different red Venus Flytrap at the time that it was introduced that it was patented. The patent was eventually declared invalid, but the plant remains the same impressive clone that caught everyone's attention in the first place. A very attractive Venus Flytrap.

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Fantastic! Very happy customer!
This was my first time ordering from you and only the second Venus Fly Trap I've owned and I am absolutely in love. The plant is beautiful!! No dead leaves or traps at all and the color is so vibrant. I could tell right away it was packed with love, and on top of that it was easy to unpack. I can't wait to order from you folks again!
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Review by Vikki / (Posted on 1/8/2016)
Great plant
My sister bought me a royal red for my birthday and i love it!. there where actually 5 small plants instead of one! It is a very nice plant.
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Review by Manny / (Posted on 3/9/2015)
wonderful reds
The young adult i purchased ened up coming with 3 other pretty good sized traps and a bunch of little traps so I am more than happy! Cant wait to get more!
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Review by rachie09 / (Posted on 11/12/2013)
Nice Red variety of VFT
The Royal Red that I bought doesn't seem to be as vigorous as my other red varieties - the Pink Venus, the Red Piranha, and especially the Akai Ryu. All of those red cultivars seem to be more vigorous and produce larger traps and more traps than the Royal Red. There seems to be some mixed reviews about Akai Ryu on the internet too - some people say it's a weak form, but for me it grows very vigorously.

Getting back to the Royal Red. I've only had mine for about a year, so perhaps it still needs to grow out a bit more. Comparing it to the Akai Ryu in coloration, the Royal Red is supposed to be more red, whereas the Askai Ryu is a darker shade (some people say almost purple or even black).

Royal Red has not propagated for me from the rhizome yet (the Pink Venus, the Red Piranha and have produced a lot of little plantlets).
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Review by Walter / (Posted on 6/17/2012)
The Big Red One
Young Adult I purchased arrived with brilliant traps measuring apx. 1 inch on tall, long petioles. The contrast between the olive green rims preceding the celia, and the truly "Royal" red which comprises most of the Traps' coloration make this Beauty more like a separate Species than a Cultivar. It's Big!
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Review by Sam (Stratofortress) / (Posted on 9/17/2011)
Huge Royal red
I bought a mature Royal Red, and like most plants from FTS, a mature means that it was a mature Royal Red with massive big traps, and the color is spectacular, the lime green in the outside looks pretty neat

This is another VFT you should save some $$ and get it when it is in stock, what can i say about the roots, they measure more than 8-inches long, and it had some 8 traps!

Another 100 stars for this VFT coming from the FTS!

Thanks Matt and Steve!
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Review by jht-union / (Posted on 6/28/2011)