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The Vigorous Venus Flytrap lives up to its name, growing rapidly into dense rosettes, but it is also outstanding for the size of traps it can produce and the color it sometimes exhibits.


Vigorous tends to grow rapidly and to produce numerous offshoots (baby plants by vegetative division). It often develops large traps that can be very colorful.

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i really think that the shape of this Venus Fly Trap is great because it really is what I vision when I think "Venus Fly Trap"
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Review by GangBoy / (Posted on 4/3/2015)
Vigorous vft...
I started growing VFTs last year and successfully made it through the winter dormancy. All my VFTs are doing very well here in San Antonio. I have to say that anybody thinking about purchasing ANY VFTs here shouldnt hesitate. The Vigorous plant i received was very well packed and looked outstanding. I have purchased my other VFTs from various sites and i have to say that Matt and Steve do a great job selecting a plant for you. Other sites i have bought from just seem to give you whatever. Here, they want you to be pleased with your purchse. Thanks Matt and Steve, i Will be purchasing more from you guys....
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Review by TOYZ_2 / (Posted on 5/28/2013)
you guys are awesome I would recommend flytrap store to all my friends
I just received my fly traps today. it beats my expectations I did not expect it to be as big as it is already and have red in it. very cool! will be ordering more fly traps in the near future an tell all my friends about the flytrap store.
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Review by vigorious / (Posted on 5/6/2013)
Vigorous Flytrap
My 2 'Vigorous' flytraps arrived in excellent condition. They were robust and prolific clones...I could not have asked for any nicer specimens!

Matt and Steve...you guys keep up the exceptional customer service and offering superior CP's!
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Review by Derick / (Posted on 3/18/2012)
Great FT for beginners who dont want just a "Typical"
This is the plant I most recommend for people who do not have a "green thumb" and have limited experience with CP's.
As the name says' it is indeed vigorous.
The leaves grow narrow, tall and upright, and the traps are much larger then
a normal FT.
It's a hearty grower (as flytraps go) and hard to kill through inexperience, it's more "forgiving" than more sensitive cultivars.
Besides, they grow big and tall, and look great :)

Please note, my comments apply only to the Vigorous sold here on FTS.
I would not buy one from anyone else.
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Review by Stanley / (Posted on 7/5/2011)
Vigorious like the name tells it!
I bought a Vigorious back in march along with other VFT's, instead or receiving 1 vigorious, i received 2 more!

All 3 about the same size, and the rhizome was something huge and very robust. Vigorious like the name tells it, it is very vigorious and grows fairly fast and vigorious.

I would reccomend adding this VFT as a beginner, and as well as the experience grower!
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Review by jht-union / (Posted on 6/28/2011)