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BZ "1955"

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BZ "1955"

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BZ 1955 is a colorful, vigorous and historical Venus Flytrap, the very first Venus Flytrap bought by well-known United States carnivorous plant grower and expert Bob Ziemer in 1955 from the Woolworth Five and Dime store on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California. This Venus Flytrap has been in continuous cultivation since 1955 and shared by division and more recently by tissue culture propagation. The "1955" is like owning a piece of Venus flytrap history!

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Longtime carnivorous plant community member Bob Ziemer, who is responsible for the Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder website, bought this Venus Flytrap in 1955 and has kept it alive since then through natural vegetative division and has distributed clones (divisions) of this plant to various interested people. The Flytrap Store tissue-culture lab and propagation program is dedicated to making this special, historical clone available to a wider number of people.