Mirror x Mirror Venus fly trap

Mirror x Mirror

Master of Disaster Venus fly trap

Master of Disaster

Microdent x Weinrot

Selected from a group of seedlings resulting from a Microdent and Weinrot (red-leafed flytrap) cross, this particular Venus flytrap has the ability to develop beautiful deep red traps and a red line on the outside of the trap in strong light. Like the mother plant, Microdent, this particular clone also has exceptionally short and numerous teeth.
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In the fall of 2011, Matt received some flytrap seeds from a friend in Germany. There were quite a few interesting crosses in the bunch and Microdent x Weinrot was one of them. The seeds were sterilized and sown in vitro. There were quite a few seeds from the cross that successfully germinated. Of them, there were 5 that had traits similar to the mother plant (Microdent). And this particular seedlings also had high levels of anthocyanin (red coloration), similar to the red-leafed father plant, Weinrot, a Venus fly trap variety in common distribution in Europe.
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