FTS Towering Giant Venus fly trap

FTS Towering Giant

Green Wizard Venus fly trap

Green Wizard

Trichterfalle x Coquillage

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Trictherfalle x Coquillage is a superior plant selected from many seedling from this cross breeding done in 2012. It exhibits unusually long "teeth" that rival or even surpass those of Phalanx, and extreme scaling, or cresting, on the leaves, similar to Schuppenstiel but even more pronounced at times. Additionally, it regularly produced "pitfall traps" similar to the mother plant, Trichterfalle. It can produce beautiful coloration, and is a hardy upright grower.
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This plant was started in vitro by Matt Miller in the winter of 2012. Approximately 20 seeds from this cross, Trichtefalle x Coquillage, were produced by a German grower Thomas Lorenz and sent to Matt who put them in vitro (tissue culture). This plant is our best selection from among the plants, and impressed us with its uniqueness and coloration.
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