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Trichterfalle, also known as "Funnel Trap," is a bizarre Venus Fly trap that grows traps which are fused together at the inner margins where the trap connects to the rest of the leaf. This fusing creates an interesting and odd looking trap like no other flytrap produces. Trichterfalle also occasionally has "scaling" on the leaves which gives them a rough, sand paper-like appearance at certain times of the year.


Trichterfalle originates from Dr. K├Ânig in Germany who used phytohormones in tissue culture to create it. The scaling and "funnel traps" aren't 100% stable year round, meaning that Trichterfalle also produces quite a few normal traps, but the odd traps for which the plant is named are usually produced quite a few times throughout the growing season. In good light, Trichterfalle will develop a deep red coloration on the interior of the traps. It's a beautiful, unique and freaky flytrap clone that is highly sought after by many Venus fly trap collectors!

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Awesome flytrap!
Trichterfalle looks even more bizarre in person! Great coloration and I like the contrast of trap shapes. This is a great flytrap if you like the wierdos! It arrived promptly and in good condition (even though its been another "deep freeze" week) Its awesome!
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Review by Sundewwolf / (Posted on 2/7/2014)
Could Not Be Happier
The description says that the funnel traps aren't 100% stable, but so far mine is producing nothing but funnel traps.

When I received my order the packaging was, as usual, immaculate. The flytrap was secure to prevent it from being tossed around during shipment, and the plant itself was completely healthy! I couldn't be happier with my Trichterfalle. Thanks Matt and Leah!!!
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Review by Nhat / (Posted on 1/23/2014)
Beastly and Bizzare in one package
I got my Tricterfalle in three days. I ordered a young plant bareroot. It has a mix of small, funnel cupped traps growing upright and a couple of big traps above the soil medium. I love the contrast of green and red colors. Mine is growing slowly, but the weather is warming up. I see two young traps emerging. I can't wait. Thanks again Matt and Leah for all my cp needs.
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Review by Jesson / (Posted on 4/3/2013)
Nice combination !
I enjoy looking at this one. I was so sad to see one of the mouths already dying when I 1st got it. I think it died cuz of a piece of the soil in its mouth. I was pretty sad but other than that tiny loss I really like the variety of this vft. It currently only has 1 red trap but it's closed, hopefully it opens up! The packaging was super secure to the point where it took me an hour to open up all 4 of my plants I received! I was scared of hurting them, so I was eXtReMeLy careful. All in all, I can't wait to see what else ends up growing on this one! Thanks again ;)
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Review by Evelyn / (Posted on 6/25/2012)
Not Another Like It
Trichterfalle is a smaller cultivar that distinguishes itself primarily by its 2 contrasting varieties of traps. The more familiar trap form is still unusual in itself, as one side is most often fused, lending itself a cup shape (though nowhere as extreme as the unreleated cupped trap cultivar). The more famed of the plant's trap duo, the "funnel traps" are much smaller, growing on tall petioles, resembling something akin to a clawed catchers mitt. Celia on the funnel traps are most often red or pink in contrast to the bright green/yellow color of petioles and trap exteriors. Non-funnel trap interiors on some of my specimens can boast a stunning orange.

Truly Unique, Truly Bizarre, Truly Trichterfalle!
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Review by Sam (Stratofortress) / (Posted on 3/16/2012)
this is a very rare clone
This vft is a real nice freak , trust me when you get one all u want to do is look at it all day this clone is very vigorous and grow a lot of offshoot and has nice color and grow pretty good size traps it a perfect vft for any body collection. Thank matt and steve for growing a strong and wonderful plant
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Review by Antoine / (Posted on 10/24/2011)