Schuppenstiel Destruction Venus flytrap

Schuppenstiel Destruction

Carnivoria All Red Fused Tooth

Carnivoria All Red Fused Tooth

WIP Snapper

"WIP Snapper" is the first named Venus flytrap cultivar in the world (as far as we know), selected for its giant traps by the infamous Bob Hanrahan of World Insectivorous Plants (WIP). The size of "WIP Snapper" is impressive to be sure and on par with the mighty DC XL.

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Bob Hanrahan selected "WIP Snapper" from his plantation of Sarracenia Venus Flytraps in the native soil of the panhandle of Florida. After many years of growing this wonderful plant, we are proud to finally have a few to offer the carnivorous plant community!

"WIP Snapper" is a very large giant Venus flytrap that is capable of getting good coloration. It grows largely in a "typical" fashion for a Venus flytrap with large upright traps in the spring and growth that progressively gets lower heading into late summer and fall.

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