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FTS Towering Giant

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FTS Towering Giant

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Limited Reserve Plant. "FTS Towering Giant" is our newest release in the line of giant Venus flytraps we carry. This elongated monster flytrap creates spring leaves that can reach over 7 inches in length! Couple this with larger-than-average sized traps, and it's definitely an attention grabber...as well as an insect nabber!!!

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"FTS Towering Giant" was officially named in July 2014. It had also been tentatively called "FTS Tall Giant", for those of you waiting for the release of this cultivar. We will likely start listing a few "FTS Towering GIant" flytraps for sale starting very soon in early July 2014. Supplies will be limited initially, but we'll do our best to quickly propagate this nice plant to make it more widely available.

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Came in amazing packaging as normal for flytrapstore hotel 1 very nice sized even in November my young sized was surprisingly very red and very tall. It came with 9 very large traps I measured the biggest one so far is about 1and 1/4th of an inch or just slightly bigger shipped in only 4 days with the 9$ shipping option and is amazing. Thank you again flytrapstore/ Leah and matt
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Review by Kayden / (Posted on 11/7/2019)
The Giant that Towers
Came in nicely with excellent packaging. It recently came out of dormancy it looks like, and has two nice sized spring traps. I can already see that this thing is going to tower
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Review by Copper2 / (Posted on 5/20/2019)
I got three plants in a pot. I hope to get 7 inch leaves soon.
The plants came nicely
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Review by Sean / (Posted on 6/9/2018)