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Freaky Star

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Freaky Star

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"Freaky Star" was chosen for great distinction by Araflora in the Netherlands, because of its extremely uncommon and highly remarkable traps that are much different than a typical Venus Flytrap. Freaky Star showcases razor-frayed trap margins, resembling an exploding star. Whereas most Venus Flytraps have long, slender hair-like cilia "teeth," Freaky Star shockingly has nothing resembling that! - instead, the cilia have fused and spread into a magnificent exploding star. Very cool. Very unique. And, to add icing to the cake, Freaky Star is extraordinarily hardy for a Venus Flytrap. Can you tell we're impressed by this Flytrap supernova?

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Similar in appearance to Biohazard, where Freaky Star differs is that the trait is very stable whereas Biohazard will often revert to looking normal.

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Freaky coolness.
This cultivar is so cool!!! It has tons of crazy traps with colors from yellow to spotty blood red. If you like unique looking VFTs, I highly recommend this one!!!!
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Review by Smooter80 / (Posted on 7/2/2016)