Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

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Sarracenia x "Daina's Delight"

Sarracenia flava var. ornata "light veining"

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S. flava var. ornata "light vening" is a gorgeous variety of Sarracenia flava. This particular clone exhibits "light veining" and can produce pitchers over 30 inches in height with beautiful red veining running the length of the pitchers and into the hood. It also has a very distinctive dark red sploch on the throat of the pitcher. It's a real eye catcher!
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Sarracenia flava, also known as the Yellow Trumpet pitcher plant, is a highly-varied species of Sarracenia. S. flava var. ornata varies a lot in the intensity of its veining. This particular clone we're offering displays "light veining" which provides a gorgeous delicate tracing of the primary veins on the pitchers.

Sarracenia flava var. ornata produces bright yellow flowers in the spring as it puts up its first pitchers of the year. Like all S. flava, most of the growth occurs in spring and early summer, tapering off by fall.
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