Sarracenia Royal Ruby

Sarracenia 'Royal Ruby'

Sarracenia 'Bood in the snow' - Washington Co, AL

An incredible, naturally occurring hybrid that originated from the wild! We are not sure if this is a complex hybrid involving multiple different species or a primary hybrid between two different species, but we suspect leucophylla, alata, and possibly rubra wherryi were involved in making this plant! For sure, there's leucophylla in it.
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NOTE: All Sarracenia are sold bare-root (rhizome only, not potted).

Much like one of its parents, S. leucophylla, the best, brightest, and biggest traps are produced in the fall. For best results, this plant needs full sun and warm late summer/early fall temperatures to produce the biggest, most colorful traps possible. Feeding spring/summer traps with maxsea 16-16-16 (3/4-full strength) recommended if the pitchers aren't catching sufficient insects on their own, this will help encourage the formation of large fall traps. Be sure not to overfill the traps, otherwise, they will fall over. Medium-large, established, healthy divisions offered. Very limited supply!

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