Sarracenia 'Green Monster'

Sarracenia 'Green Monster'

Sarracenia 'Blood in the Snow'

Sarracenia 'Blood in the Snow' - Washington Co, AL

Sarracenia 'Royal Ruby'

A highly desirable registered cultivar that originated from the wild! Royal Ruby is a proven breeder plant and has produced multiple, jaw-dropping cultivars! This clone is assumed to be a moorei, or flava x leucophylla, but given its color, there may be another species mixed in somewhere down the line.
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An easy plant to grow, this clone does best in full sun and in warm weather, especially during the late summer/early fall when it produces its best looking traps.

Plants offered are medium-sized, healthy, established divisions (grown out for at least a full season after being divided) y with a strong root system. Take good care of them and you shouldn't have to wait 1-2 growing seasons before these plants perform! We only have a few divisions available, and these plants sell out quickly whenever offered, so this is your chance to get a really good quality division of Royal Ruby!
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