Sarracenia leucophylla

Sarracenia leucophylla "Hurricane Creek White"

S. mitchelliana (leucophylla x rosea)

S. rosea "Khayakazi"

Sarracenia leucophylla AJ01

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An extremely vigorous white-topped pitcher plant, Sarracenia leucophylla AJ01 produces very large and wide pitchers with colorfully red-veined "wavy" lids. AJ01 is a must-have for any Sarracenia lover!
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Sarracenia leucophylla AJ01 has been in circulation for many years -- a testament to its prowess! It is an exceptionally vigorous grower that gets great size and amazing coloration. Pitchers on a mature plant regularly reach near 3 feet in height!

Sarracenia leucophylla AJ01 pitchers start off bright white with green veining early in the growing season. As the season progresses, the veining at the top of the pitchers and on the pitcher lips becomes more and more colorful ultimately becoming a gorgeous deep red color.
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