Venus flytrap seed - Brunswick County, NC

Exclusive offer! 2021 is the first time we've been able to offer this amazing product. Genetically diverse, open-pollinated Venus flytrap seeds, true to location, that came from many different plants. Quite a few of the mother plants are giants!
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These are Venus flytrap seeds from southeastern North Carolina. The Venus flytrap parent plants of these seeds are tended to and cared for on private property of a licensed Venus flytrap seed seller. This offering is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire unique genetics that are otherwise not yet common in cultivation.

These seeds originate from naturally growing flytraps on private land that are legally and sustainably harvested on land managed to provide healthy Venus flytrap habitat. There are quite a few giant flytraps growing on the property, so if the odds are in your favor, you might end up with an impressive giant flytrap from southeastern North Carolina!!

Be prepared for your seeds! Read Growing Venus Flytraps from Seed at and join the FlytrapCare Forum.
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