I'm New! Which Venus Flytrap Is For Me?

Welcome! Venus Flytraps can do well almost anywhere and have only two main care requirements (plenty of sunshine, and mineral-free water), so any U.S. state you live in is fine. We have shipped with no problems to all U.S. states during all times of the year, so heat and freezing are not a problem unless the package is left outside for too long after being delivered.

Venus Flytrap types are quite similarly hardy, with red ones being a bit less so. So, you can choose pretty much any type of Venus Fly Trap that you prefer. That said, here are some that are at a nice price point for beginning the hobby, and that we have found to be a bit hardier and attractive:

Low Giant
"Classic" Venus Fly trap
G16 Venus Flytrap

**The most hardy Venus Flytrap that we know of (and a very handsome one at that) is DC XL, so you might consider DC XL if you are a person who likes to invest in the best:

DC XL Venus Flytrap

For more suggestions, be sure to check out our List of Favorite Venus Flytraps.

We would recommend choosing a pre-potted option to start, so you know you have mineral-free growing medium, and that it has been well-potted. We expertly pot with fresh growing medium, so it will be about 9 months before you'll want to re-pot.

E-mail us at sales@flytrapcare.com anytime with questions, and check out our care site, FlytrapCare.com, for lots of information. Or join the FlytrapCare Forum and chat with fellow growers who would be happy to answer questions and share advice.

Great growing!

Leah & Matt