Venus Flytrap Seeds, Special Red Mix

Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap) Seed, SPECIAL RED MIX

Venus flytrap seed

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Newest fresh harvest of superior Venus Flytrap seed mix from the Flytrap Store's own hand-pollinated breeding program. Harvested from our many unique cultivars, a huge variety of potential! Be prepared for your seeds! Read Growing Venus Flytraps from Seed at and join the FlytrapCare Forum.

Larger quantities available at wholesale prices upon request. Minimum quantity for wholesale price is 1000 seeds. Email to inquire.
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This year -- 2023 -- is an INCREDIBLE year for our FlytrapStore seed mix. It only includes named varieties and tons of great giants that are new to our breeding program. We wish we could sow every single seed ourselves!!! These Dionaea muscipula seeds are the result of hand pollination of many superior Venus Flytrap clones such as SD Kronos, DC XL, B52, Red Piranha, Low Giant, Big Mouth, Vigorous, Big Vigorous, the FTS Maroon Monster from our own breeding and tissue-culture propagation program, and many more giant and unique Venus Flytraps.

When growing Venus Flytraps from seed, it is important to understand that while they may be the descendants of outstanding plants, seed-grown Venus Flytraps can exhibit a wide variety of genetic characteristics and not necessarily the characteristics for which their parents were named or valued. However, each plant grown from seed has the potential to be a superior, unique Venus Flytrap itself.
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