Which Venus Flytrap should I buy?

Matt's Ten Favorite Venus Flytraps

B52 DC XL— Obvious ... big traps rule! And this guy is the hardiest, most vigorous Venus flytrap we've ever grown!!
Alien — Because I like "the freaks," this is probably my favorite flytrap. Great big traps, weird growth habit, and awesome name!
G16 — Consistently large traps on this giant and amazing, deep red coloration to boot! Basically, it's the "perfect" flytrap.
FTS Maroon Monster — Hands down the best red clone we grow; huge traps, excellent vigor, good seeder.
Jaws — Classic flytrap and one of my first ever named cultivars I grew.  Amazing color, shark-like teeth, great vigor, and excellent seeder.
Low Giant — Nice low-growth habit with large red traps and a great seeder.
Big Mouth — Absolutely amazing color, nice sized traps, excellent seeder.
Wacky Traps — The best freaky looking flytrap out there! Wacky's freaky traps are 100% stable, unlike some other freaks.
FTS Crimson Sawtooth — Deep red coloration and awesome looking "teeth."
Fused Tooth — Menacing teeth, great color and perhaps the best seeder of any clone we grow.

Leah's Favorite Venus Flytraps

DC XL —Truly the biggest, hardiest, handsomest Venus Flytrap I've come across, and I work with Flytraps all day long, all year-long. DC XL is a green Flytrap that can also get great reddish color on the trap interiors, and nice upright growth.  I love you DC XL! 
Alien —Incredible compelling traps that will make you stare and stare, long and curved - like the creatures' heads in the film Alien!  Alien is really hardy, and can get nice color on the trap interiors, too!  Super amazing Flytrap, Alien, I can't say enough good about it.  It will turn your head and keep you looking!
FTS Purple Ambush —You just can't beat the color on FTS Purple Ambush.  During the summer, it is bright deep red, and during the winter it gets so dark red it is basically purple, thus the name.  Really nice, neat, rosette foliage on FTS Purple Ambush.  It's just a gorgeous Venus Flytrap, hands-down.  FTS Purple Ambush is extremely popular, and sells out fast.
FTS Maroon Monster —Who doesn't love FTS Maroon Monster?  Nobody, that's who.  We can't even keep this one in stock, people snatch it up for good reason.  FTS Maroon Monster is beautifully colored, and its coloration changes all year, with very deep purple in the winter, lightening up in the active growing season such that you can see the delicate red and green veining on the plant.  However, as a plant, delicate it is not!  FTS Maroon Monster is a super strong grower, and puts out big beautiful traps.  It is the best red Venus Flytrap around, no question.
Fused Tooth —I love Fused Tooth!  The traps are all gooey and mashed, like the "teeth" melted or some such thing.  You can't look away from Fused Tooth, it's just that unique and interesting.  And Fused Tooth has incredible coloration, keeping its red trap interiors all year long.  Sometimes I think Fused Tooth is actually my number 1 favorite, especially during Dormancy, because of its unique traps and amazing color.  Fused Tooth can also grow some super big traps!
Trev's Dracula —Trev's has the most vibrant coloration contrasts that I know of.  The red interior contrasts beautifully with the green exterior.  The plant grows grow nice and sturdy, upright but not super-tall, so it stays stay standing strong and doesn't bend over.  Trev's is a beautiful Flytrap, and it's also quite hardy.  Trev's also has those awesome Dracula "teeth" that really make it stand out, with graceful highly-arched trap backs. 
Jaws —Classic collector's favorite, Jaws.  Everyone has to have one in their collection, and for good reason.  Unique jagged saw-teeth, beautiful curved traps, nice upright growth and neat and tidy growth habit.  Jaws also gets great red coloration on its trap interiors.  Jaws is the "kitchen sink" of Venus Flytraps, you simply must have it in your collection because it's unique, super attractive, and hardy, a classic favorite for great reasons.
SD Kronos —Wow, SD Kronos is definitely an eye-catcher, with awesome red and pink coloration all year-round, and most impressively, huge low-growing traps.  Whenever I pass through the greenhouse, SD Kronos gets me every time, pulling me over to take a gander at its awesomeness.  DC XL and SD Kronos make a great pair to own, because they can both grow the largest traps that we know of, but one is tall-growing (DC XL) and one is low-growing (SD Kronos), two great Venus Flytraps that go great together!
Low Giant —Like Jaws, Low Giant is one that every collector absolutely must have in their collection.  It is a classic gorgeous low-growing, big-trap-having Venus Flytrap, with incredible bright red coloration on the trap interiors.  Low Giant is hardy, super handsome, and very fun to feed because of its low-growing big traps.  Low Giant is a perennial favorite of Venus Flytrap aficionados, a classic hardy beauty.
Korean Melody Shark —This is a Flytrap that, upon initially encountering, you almost wouldn't know was a Venus Flytrap!  It is that unique, with twisty stalks and music-note traps, and peachy-golden coloration.  Korean Melody Shark looks like it just came out of a magical jungle, and is here to impress you.  It is one of the most unique Venus Flytrap that exists.
➤ Plus a couple I just couldn't leave off my list! -- FTS Flaming Lips (amazing color) and FTS Lunatic Fringe (fringed cilia like nothing I've ever seen before- LOVE this one).

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