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Which Venus Flytrap should I buy?

Matt's Ten Favorite Venus Flytraps

B52 DC XL— Obvious ... big traps rule!
Alien — Probably my favorite flytrap right now. Great big traps, weird growth habit and awesome name!
G16 — Consistently large traps on this giant and amazing, deep red coloration to boot! Basically, it's the "perfect" flytrap.
FTS Maroon Monster — Hands down the best red clone I grow; huge traps, excellent vigor, good seeder.
Jaws — Amazing color, shark-like teeth, great vigor and excellent seeder.
Low Giant — Nice low-growth habit with large red traps and a great seeder.
Big Mouth — Absolutely amazing color, nice sized traps, excellent seeder.
Wacky Traps — The best freaky looking flytrap out there! Wacky's freaky traps are 100% stable unlike some other freaks.
FTS Crimson Sawtooth — Deep red coloration and awesome looking "teeth".
Fused Tooth — Menacing teeth, great color and perhaps the best seeder of any clone I grow.

Leah's Favorite Venus Flytraps

Jaws — Awesome unique shark “teeth,” thick-tissued traps, beautiful bright red color, large traps, upright growth, vigorous grower. Real eye-catcher, favorite of many growers for good reason.
FTS Maroon Monster — Huge traps, intense maroon coloring that changes with conditions (can develop forest green highlights), vigorous, hardy- a beautiful large-trapped unique VFT.
Long Red Fingers — Sweeping long crimson eyelash-looking cilia, vigorous, hardy, divides often to form new plants, unique espresso-cup-shaped traps. I tend to photograph this one a lot- that tells you how eye-catching it is.
Korean Melody Shark — Gorgeous delicate musical note-shaped traps, twisty turny vine-like appearance of “stalk.” Looks like something from a magical jungle. Nice salmon and varied other color dusting on traps. Extremely unique.
Trichterfalle — Science fiction in a Venus flytrap- half-cup shaped traps, both upright and low growth, both odd and typical traps, nice red coloring, serrated “stalk.”
➤ Plus a few I just couldn't leave off my list! -- FTS Flaming Lips (amazing color), DC XL (huge traps), FTS Lunatic Fringe (fringed cilia like nothing I've ever seen before- LOVE this one).

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