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Phalaenopsis Orchid roots
by bombsboy  - 
1 Replies 
by Aging_Bourbon
Orchid noob question
by Lawndude84  - 
3 Replies 
by Lawndude84
Tolumnia orchid bloom
by Steve_D  - 
15 Replies 
by cvlover
My Tiny Orchid Gardern
by cvlover  - 
18 Replies 
by Pickles6
Phalaenopsis Kaleidoscope
by Matt  - 
6 Replies 
by linton
My two Phalaenopsis muts
by Matt  - 
9 Replies 
by lemonlily
Today i bought some...
by dionaea muscipula  - 
9 Replies 
by dionaea muscipula
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