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Talk about your orchids and share photos of them here
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Re: Orchids
by DragonsEye
Other Non-Carnivorous Plants
Discuss non-carnivorous plants here
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Re: Proboscidea parviflora AK…
by Shadowtski

The trap looks like it has indigestion. They turn[…]

Non vft virgin

@Joshuamarshall792 , I'd be happy to ship it to […]

Filiformis dew?

If they stop producing dew its usually because it'[…]

Just wanted to post an update showing my SD Kronos[…]

I will start giving seeds away for the cost of sh[…]

210w when you receive your new light sounds about […]

Drosera Hamiltonii

I have bought from jcal a few times and always bee[…]

I ran a little experiment. I took 2 cups of peat[…]

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