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Live Sphagnum Moss

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Premium New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

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Ships FREE via USPS First Class Mail! Tested and heartily approved by us here at FlytrapStore, this premium moss is an excellent growing medium option. This premium long fiber sphagnum moss from New Zealand holds 20 times its weight in water, retaining water without accumulating minerals and providing room for optimal root development. Our plants are thriving in it; it's been nicknamed "Magic Moss" around here!
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New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss of premium quality. A great growing medium option. We have had excellent growing and transplant recovery results in this medium. Please note: This medium is optimal for cases in which you will be able to water more frequently when temperatures are high. In contrast, our peat, sand, & perlite mix growing medium is optimal when heat is high and watering cannot be done as frequently. Offered in two sizes, Small or Large. Small is 75 cubic inches, and Large is 343 cubic inches, of dry premium New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss. (Note: Volume discount pricing applies here (the Large size will offer much more product per $). The moss of course expands to larger than that size when moistened.
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