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Premium New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

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Premium New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

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Ships FREE via USPS First Class Mail! Tested and heartily approved by us here at FlytrapStore, this premium moss is an excellent growing medium option. This premium long fiber sphagnum moss from New Zealand holds 20 times its weight in water, retaining water without accumulating minerals and providing room for optimal root development. Our plants are thriving in it; it's been nicknamed "Magic Moss" around here!

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New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss of premium quality. A great growing medium option. We have had excellent growing and transplant recovery results in this medium. Please note: This medium is optimal for cases in which you will be able to water more frequently when temperatures are high. In contrast, our peat, sand, & perlite mix growing medium is optimal when heat is high and watering cannot be done as frequently. Offered in two sizes, Small or Large. Small is 75 cubic inches, and Large is 343 cubic inches, of dry premium New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss. (Note: Volume discount pricing applies here (the Large size will offer much more product per $). *For volume reference: the Small size would be enough to fill 3 regular FlytrapStore pots, and the Large size would be enough to fill about 10 regular FlytrapStore.com pots.

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So far, so good with my sundew
So far, this long fiber sphagnum moss has been working well with my sundew. I'm glad I took the time to do research and found it. Thanks.
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Review by Roderick / (Posted on 10/7/2018)
Great product
Received a lot more than what I paid for. Shipped quickly. I know it's top quality because it's from the flytrap store!
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Review by Orit / (Posted on 2/17/2017)
Amazing Product!
I have used this product before on my other carnivorous plants and am so excited to use it! This is a great deal for such an amazing material! It really is "Magic Moss"! I have also seen products for the same amount for three times as much! In two months, my little fly trap had already broken the soil and was on its way to being a huge plant!

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Review by FlyTrapMore / (Posted on 6/6/2016)
First time purchasing a moss and it looks and works great! I'm really looking forward to using this moss more and both Matt and Leah have really inspired me to start growing venus flytraps! The young potted Dingly Giant I ordered from you two is doing great, growing and enjoying the sun and the same moss is turning a healthy dark green! You two have another returning customer, thank you for your hard work.
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Review by Abel / (Posted on 5/27/2016)
Very high quality LFS
This product is wonderful! After watching your how-to video on Facebook I have become proficient at potting up all of my plants into this growing medium. Even the flytraps that I repotted before finding the video are already growing! If you only knew what those poor things have been through... They absolutely love this LFS!
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Review by Sarah / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
Grade "A" moss
Finding quality moss in my area is near impossible, and it has been a reason for decline of my Venus flytraps in the past. Upon opening the box (which came very fast by the way!), I knew that this moss was the real deal. Light tan in color, with hues of orange and not a twig, stem, or unwanted particle in sight (looks just like the picture!). It also felt completely different than any type of lfsm I had handled in the past. Extremely soft and each strand of moss was a long, lush fiber that was not all "choppy". Yes, the price is higher than you would pay at most of your local sources. When you factor in the time, gas, and risk you are taking with lesser quality mosses, this stuff is very well priced. I could talk it up all day, but a quality product always speaks for itself and this moss is no exception. Not to mention the awesome service! Thank you, you've secured a new customer!
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Review by Scott / (Posted on 2/7/2015)
Don't be fooled by that cheap crap at Home Depot/Lowes/ACE/etc, what ever brand it may be!
My first VFT from Matt & Leah (JAWS) was planted in that cheapo Home Depot spagmoss and over the course of a few months it look unhealthy and struggling to survive.

I finally opted out for the authentic NZ spagmoss that Matt & Leah offered thru FTS and my JAWS survived! It recovered with new healthy looking growth, got its color back and looking like how he originally came from Matt & Leah!

As my collection of carnivorous plants grow, I stocked up on the legit NZ spagmoss from Matt & Leah. I use nothing but this legit NZ spagmoss fromt Matt & Leah, mixed with perlite and my VFTs look awesome-sauce!
Make me seem like I have a green thumb! Muahaha!
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Review by Paul / (Posted on 10/26/2014)
Great additive
I mixed I part of New Zealand moss to about 2 parts of the Fly-trap mix and my carnivore plants seem as though they have been given new life. The two together makes the BEST MIX that I have ever seen. Feather more........ the price of the two is far less that the cost of a plant or two being lost in another mix, that you may make yourself. Ask me........ I lost several plants thinking that I had every thing correct, only to see them wilt away. I bought these two products and rebought the plants that I had lost...... I'm now more than happy seeing my plants doing so well.
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Review by Carla / (Posted on 10/9/2014)
Great growing medium for fly traps and other plants
The quality of this sphagnum moss is top notch. I use it in pretty much all my pots and terrariums whenever I need to maintain moisture. Its acidic nature and ability to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi are great benefits for any plant.

I got some from Home Depot, and compared to this, it's like night and day. Don't buy the cheap stuff. You'll end up getting lots of really barky filler. This New Zealand moss is superior in quality and works well. Recommended.
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Review by benjamin bannister / (Posted on 1/21/2014)
Excellent Moss
I saved my very first VFT two years ago from Lowes for $1.99. It was small, in very dry moss and dying. I brought it home and planted it in the New Zealand long strand Sphagnum moss that I use for my Phalaenopsis Orchids. I now have 13 VFTs and all are in this moss, including the DC XL and B52 that I just purchased. They are all thriving and the care is extremely simple. I live on a boat 24/7, 365, so I put them outside in the direct sunlight on the aft deck in the early morning, then pull them back into the shadier area in the late afternoon. Flies and spiders are plentiful. Thanks for everything Matt & Leah!!!
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Review by Daizy / (Posted on 8/25/2013)
Great quality moss!
This long fiber sphagnum moss is of exceptional quality and is light and loose enough to give your plant's roots plenty of air yet holds an incredible amount of water too. Thanks again Matt & Leah for providing such a fine product!
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Review by Ron / (Posted on 7/25/2013)