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January Photo Contest - Flytaps are beautiful!
by Panman  - 
15 Replies 
by Supercazzola
December Holiday Extravaganza Photo Contest
by Panman  - 
30 Replies 
by Panman
November Photo Contest - A Big Appetite!
by Panman  - 
44 Replies 
by slicric78
Getting a head start on the holdiays
by Panman  - 
0 Replies 
by Panman
63 Replies 
by Ben Goudge

You can only request one. Would you like the Sarr […]

Agree with @Panman , the soil level is too high. […]

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TDS meter or test strips

I have a very hard time in my other hobbies when f[…]

Artificial Lighting

Yeah I use the TS-1000 in about a 2x2 grow tent an[…]

Mystery Seed Giveaway A. Panman B. Supercazzola

Chef out of town

Sorry Dean. Sending prayers for safe travels and s[…]

Bug with topic notifications ?

I got two today, one minute after another, and the[…]

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