Plastic terracotta 4-inch pots for Venus flytraps

Plastic terracotta 4-inch pots for Venus flytraps

Theriault & Hachey Peat moss

Theriault & Hachey Grower Grade Coarse Blend Sphagnum Peat Moss

High-Quality Chilean Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

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Ships FREE via USPS First Class Mail!. Chilean long-fiber sphagnum moss of very high-quality quality, this sphagnum moss is an excellent growing medium option for most carnivorous plants. The Small size is 100+ grams and the Large size is 250+ grams.
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Tested and approved by us here at FlytrapStore -- a great growing medium option. Similar to the New-Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss, we have had excellent growing and transplant recovery results in this medium.

Please note: This medium is optimal for cases in which you will be able to water more frequently when temperatures are high. In contrast, our peat, sand, & perlite mix growing medium is optimal when heat is high and watering cannot be done as frequently.

Offered in two sizes, Small or Large. Small is 100+ grams, and Large is 250+ grams, of dry high-quality Chilean long-fiber sphagnum moss. (Note: Volume discount pricing applies here (the Large size will offer much more product per $). The moss of course expands to larger than that size when moistened.
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