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Premium Mystery Box

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Premium Mystery Box

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Limited Reserve Plant.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Mystery Boxes can only be ordered as an add-on to the purchase of at least 1 FlytrapStore plant - the order will be canceled/not charged if ordered alone. Only 1 Mystery Box can be ordered at a time, please.*** The Premium Mystery Box will include 7 small to medium sized Venus Flytraps, 5 of which are guaranteed to be named Venus Flytrap cultivars/clones.

A Mystery Box is a great deal but also a gamble. You might be happy with what you receive or you might be disappointed. See full description below for details.

***Please make sure you have appropriate growing medium and Distilled water before receiving the Mystery Box.


Mystery Boxes are great fun, and might consist of a variety of plants, or multiples of just several types of plant. The choice is ours and we take no special requests for the Mystery Boxes. It's a great bargain, but it's also a bit of a gamble for the customer. ***Please make sure you have appropriate growing medium and Distilled water before receiving the Mystery Box.

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Amazing plants, more than I was told, to be topped off with great customer service.
Flytrapstore loves to be generous and you are almost guaranteed more than what you get, and this is a great example. Reading through the reviews, yes it's a gamble, but every customer has received more than what it's described. I am the same, receiving 2 BZ 1955, 2 Pinnacle, 6 Fused Tooth, 1 FTS Big B, 1 large SD Draco, 1 ALIEN, and more. In total, I received 15 plants and 7 cultivars. And with gambles like these it's easy to compare, but you are getting a deal nonetheless. Leah was a great service, working with me to come to a conclusion to some confusion and I am happy with my purchase, thank you Flytrapcare, I see why you guys have the Flytrap market by it's balls.
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Review by John / (Posted on 10/10/2017)
Hit and Miss, not as many plants as other customers
Due to the earlier rave reviews where others mentioned getting at least 7 types of fly traps and multiples of each, I watched this bundle for months till I was able to buy it, and unfortunately I was not as thrilled as hoped.

My box contained:
- 1 unnamed small sarracenia (looks like Dana's delight)
- 2 medium seed grown random fly trap
- 1 medium unnamed fly trap
- 1 medium BZ 1955
- 1 medium Freaky Star
- 1 medium Vitilgo
- 1 medium & 2 small Coquillage

Emailed after to confirm with Matt & Leah that this package's original description for "7 small to medium sized Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants" means it contains 7 fly trap PLANTS, NOT TYPES. They may correct the product's vague description after this to set proper expectations.

Despite this bundle not meeting my initial expectations on types and number of traps, I feel this box is still is a great value for money compared to buying the named fly traps individually, if you're lucky not to get repeats while you still have a smaller collection. As always, greatly appreciate Matt and Leah being very quick on email responses and offering a return and refund.
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Review by Breakaway / (Posted on 9/7/2017)
Extremely Generous
After looking constantly, I finally saw one of these for sale and I eagerly snatched it up. When I got it, it was almost as if they looked at my previous orders and deliberately picked plants I didn't already have. I got two large and remarkably beautiful Sarracenia, several Freaky Star, several Pinnacle, a Green Wizard, and to top it all off, a little cluster of Alien! The Alien was the only cultivar I already had but another was very welcome. That alone was worth the price! The VFTs were smaller than FTS starter size plants but still bigger than VFTs from several other retailers. USPS once again seemed to have lost the box but all the plants did well thanks to the excellent packing. They arrived weeks ago and are growing well, even one tiny baby that came off the mother plant with no root system. Would definitely buy another if given the opportunity.
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Review by Orit / (Posted on 8/31/2017)
Great value!
I purchased this product when the weather here was still absolutely frigid. When the plants arrived, there were so many tiny little babies I was seriously worried that I would lose at least a couple during dormancy seeing as they were destined to be placed directly into my garage with my other sleeping Fly Traps. I shouldn't have feared. The plants were all in such good health that not a single one perished. Now that it's Spring here all of them are sending out new growth like crazy. Some of them are already near flowering size. I purchased some premium New Zealand sphagnum from FTS and planted my entire Premium Mystery Box haul all in one giant pot. I can not wait to see what these guys look like at the end of this season!

My Premium Mystery Box included:

A couple of very pretty unlabeled Sarracenia
Eight or so Schuppenstiel l
Three Akai Ryu
Four or so Triton
Five or so Big Mouth
At least three Sawtooth

I say "or so" because I am writing this review months after receiving the product and I can't remember what some of the tiniest plants are. :)

I highly recommend this product!
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Review by Sarah / (Posted on 6/9/2015)
Great Deal
I highly recommend the premium mystery box just received mine and even with having to sit in post office all weekend still plants looked great and they were all young adult size. Also to top it off one of the 7 varieties were DC XL so I was extremely happy with just that but I got 6 other named varieties. Believe me it is worth it to take the risk I'm never disappointed. Thanks again matt and leah can't wait for my next purchase .
-Steve S.
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Review by Steve / (Posted on 11/10/2014)
I just received premium mystery box and I was very happy what I received 28 plants in all probably could have been split more. I received 3 fused tooth, 4 triton, 1 royal red, 2 WIP slim snapper, 6 bristle tooth, 4 coauillage, 1 mirror, 4 trichterfalle, 2 sarracenia (unknown species). Sizes are various ranging from size of a nickel up. I highly recommend this and I will be looking for it again in the future. Thanks Matt and Leah I'm always impressed with the flytraps you guys produce.
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Review by Steve / (Posted on 10/31/2014)