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25 RED Baby Venus Flytraps for 35 Dollars

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25 RED Baby Venus Flytraps for 35 Dollars

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25 RED-leaved baby Venus Flytraps, shipped bareroot (not potted), for a very reasonable price. These Venus Flytraps might be any seed-grown plant or clone(s), our choice (no special requests), but all will have leaves that are reddish to deep red. A great bargain on the rarer red-leaved Venus Flytraps.


The 25 Venus Flytraps included in this offer may be identical or varied. If they are all the same named clone, that name will probably be designated in the shipping material; otherwise, they may consist of an unspecified variety of seed-grown and/or unnamed "typical" Venus Flytraps, but all of them will have the characteristic of a substantial amount of anthocyanin, which produces red colors in the leaves.

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Great traps
As always great plants and a generous 25 also a few larger reds like 9 or ten of them.thanks matt and steve
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Review by merle423 / (Posted on 9/16/2011)
Great deal!
I recieved my order of red babies today. They all came in great health with a few more than I paid for. I ordered on Thursday and got them on Saturday, you can't beat that fast of a delivery! Thanks again Matt and Steve.
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Review by chris / (Posted on 9/10/2011)
Awesome Deal!
was packaged and shipped so perfect! FTS really takes pride in there plants and shipping. insted of 25 babies i got around 40 some were quarter sized some were dime. but this was a great rock bottom BARGAIN! plants arived healthy and with Proper instructions on how to care for them. All were RED. im looking forward to seeing my potted babies Grow into monsters.
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Review by Dubstep13 / (Posted on 7/6/2011)