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Seed-Grown Venus Flytrap

Product Review (submitted on March 10, 2016):
I ordered a single seed-grown fly trap from FTS and it arrived just five days from date of my order, from Oregon all the way to me in Virginia! The beautiful plant I received looks to be in excellent health and came with no black leaves or traps. Some of the leaves/traps are a lovely dark maroon while many others are a healthy green with red coloration inside. The spines are longer and thinner on the maroon traps and more sawtoothy on the green ones. There are over ten traps total with many more tiny ones coming in, with several already reaching out and upwards even upon arrival.

When I replanted my specimen into it's permanent home, I discovered that the plant indeed appears to be two different varieties placed together instead of just one. I also noticed that one of them had already reproduced and split into two. I ended up with three beautiful plants instead of one! I will definitely be ordering from FTS again!