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Product Review (submitted on August 22, 2014):

First of all, I'd like to say I received a great plant, and outstanding customer service from Matt. My DC XL was shipped on a Monday, arriving on Thursday. It was packaged very well, but at first glance I thought it had wilted in transit, so I emailed Matt asking what I should do for it. He expressed his concern and requested a picture of the plant to better provide advice. So I sent him a picture, and learned to my relief that my plant wasn't wilted, it was just growing low to the ground, whereas I had expected it to grow tall. However, he noticed that I had jostled it while unpacking it, and pulled it slightly out of the soil. He then went to the length of downloading my photo, drawing a red line to show where the proper soil level was, and sending that back to me so I would be able to properly correct the problem. I then repotted it in long fiber moss to the appropriate depth. Overall I'm very happy with my experience.