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Mystery Box!

Mystery Box!
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Wow! In all I received about 13 starter plants!

•3 Dingley Giants
•2 Long Red Fingers
•1 Fused Tooth
•2 Dentate Traps
•2 Southwestern Giants
•1 Wally
•2 Sawtooths

They all arrived beautifully healthy, carefully wrapped in damp paper towel, and tucked in a neat little box. Though they're dormant, several of the larger ones had a nice red color inside and many open traps. 100% happy, so glad I snagged one of these!!
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Review by Julia / (Posted on 11/9/2015)
Worth the wait! Incredible!
I finally found the mystery box in stock and I ordered it immediately. I can not be happier with this purchase! I received Mirror, B52, Shuppenstiel I, Korean Melody Shark and a seed grown with fused tooth-like teeth. Do not hesitate to get one! The plants were packaged with care as always with Flytrap store. I will definitely be buying again soon!
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Review by Bruno / (Posted on 10/16/2014)
More than happy
Finally caught the Mystery Box in stock and I'm glad I did.

12 WIP Slim Snappers.Some were pretty small,but once they all stand up they will look awesome together.

1 good sized FTS Maroon Monster.

4 Big Mouth plants on the big side of small.

1 good sized Seed Grown with Microdent like traps.

Fast shipping and well packaged plants.The Mystery Box can't be beat.
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Review by Adrian / (Posted on 6/5/2014)
Absolutely love it!
I bought this for my boyfriend after he became interested in the plants I had previously purchased. To say the least, we were very happy with what we received. He would've loved any variety of the plants period, but I was happy that our box included a very generous bundle of red traps (Pink Venus and Crimson Sawtooth)
As always, they've done a wonderful job :) Even earned a new customer in my boyfriend. We'll be buying again soon!
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Review by Claire / (Posted on 4/9/2014)
Great deal!!
Stalked the site for quite some time waiting for them to come back in stock. Finally did last week. Definitely glad I ordered one. Got way more than 5 plants. Received 5 cultivars to be exact.

1 WIP slim Snapper (Large)
1 Tricterfalle (Large)
3 Big Mouths (many, many traps will pretty pink insides)
3 Dentate (lots of noodly traps)
4 Holland Reds (beautiful color)

12 in all. However, after repotting them several divided into little babies to equal up to 16 total plants! I was a little disorganized during my repotting process so I'm not sure if my new babies are Dentates or Big mouths, but I'm sure time will tell. All of them arrived in very good condition with excellent root systems. Very, very pleased with my order. Thank you so much Leah! The hand written note is very nice touch :)
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Review by Fang / (Posted on 3/16/2014)
No Wonder They're Always Out of Stock!!
This is a GREAT deal! But like the description says,' it is also a gamble'. You don't know what you'll get, but that's the FUN part. You could get a cultivar or a typical or a combo.

I got three typicals(gorgeous plants, extremely healthy), eight bz razorbacks(again, extremely healthy and vicious looking), and two b52's. I could have divided most of these but would rather wait until they settle in.

I love the plants I got and will DEFINATELY be ordering again!

Thanks Matt and Leah! You guys rock!!
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Review by Nhat / (Posted on 1/23/2014)
This was my first purchase from this website, and it was definitely worth it! I ended up with 10 very adorable plants. 1 DC XL, 2 Bristletooth, 3 Fused tooth, and 4 Megatraps!
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Review by Kim / (Posted on 10/24/2013)
Awesome deal, couldn't be happier
I got lucky and finally found the Mystery Box in stock on 09/29/13, quickly ordered one. Package arrived on 10/03/13 and I was astounded by what I found. I received some very healthy plants, which included FTS Lunatic Fringe (x2), FTS Crimson Sawtooth (x3), FTS Shogun Star (x2), 2 Seed Grown (1 Red and 1 Green variety), and to my utter astonishment not 1, but 2 FTS Flaming Lips. Leah added a nice little note. Thank so much Matt & Leah
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Review by Mike / (Posted on 10/4/2013)
This is my first purchase from the Flytrap store and I have never before received such beautiful and healthy plants. I bought the 5 Plant Mystery Box expecting to get just that and instead I received much more. Almost 2 dozen plants with a few that are ready to divide (after they recover from shipping)

1x Jaws (big, Opened all its traps by the next day)
6x A2 (1 big, Beautiful coloring but slightly bruised, 5 babies very healthy but Fragile)
2x Microdent (1 big, 1 baby)
10x Red Piranha (4 big, 6 babies, Gorgeous coloring! Very healthy & tons of traps!)
3x Venus fly traps (ready to divide)
*Caution: I found a Piranha baby the size of a grain of rice with 5 tiny traps stuck to the napkin, open with care.

Thank you Matt & The Flytrap store!
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Review by Zombie_walker / (Posted on 9/8/2013)
best delivery ever!
I received my Mystery Box this week and I am SO impressed by the quality of the plants (long roots!) and the generosity of Matt (I'm sure boxes Steve packs are great, but my box came from Matt). I received a great selection of both named clones and seed-grown VFTs and I definitely have more than 5 plants. I am so excited to grow these up, thank you so much!
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Review by KayKat / (Posted on 8/24/2013)

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