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Avid Miticide

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Avid Miticide

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Enough Avid to make 5 gallons of spray. The suggested dosage is 1/4 teaspoon (1.2ml) per gallon of water.

Avid, manufactured by Syngenta Professional Products, is our preferred miticide to get rid of spider mites. Avid contains abamectin, a naturally derived compound that penetrates leaf tissue to form a reservoir of active ingredient which lasts for up to 28 days and an effective insecticide and miticide. Avid will not harm the flowers or foliage of plants, including normally sensitive carnivorous plants.


Although slow acting, any mites treated with Avid are immobilized after exposure. Avid is active on the mobile life stages of mites, but inactive on eggs. Thus, multiple sprayings are recommend for maximum effectiveness. In our experience, Avid prevents infestations when used regularly, and can eradicate all generations of mites when used three times, three days apart. Be sure to read the Avid label for usage directions and safety warnings.

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Kills pests, even mealybugs
Never had any type of pest before, but after 6 years of growing, I finally got some in the form of mealybugs. Heard how terrible they are to get rid of, and they were severely damaging all of my plants. Matt and Leah recommended this to me, and it did the trick. Sprayed every few days (more than that initially, way too much) and three months later plants are back to normal and no signs of any other pests. Hope this stuff doesn't expire because it will probably last me 20 years.
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Review by Tankcommander / (Posted on 12/18/2018)