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By Panman
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Tis the season...
For our second annual Holiday Extravaganza Photo Contest (insert cheers and shouts of joy here). This is a long post (but there are lots of pictures) so brace yourself.

The theme this year is the ‘Holiday Season’. That means anything holiday or winterish goes. Examples might be:
• Red and Green
• Dressed up plants
• Santa
• Winter weather

Red and White, Heat Miser/Snow Miser, Candles, anything having to do with the winter holidays or season is what we want. Think winter, holiday, and festive. Get createive and show us what you have got!

And now for the prizes! This month we have FOUR top prizes and one door prize!
1. @Matt and Leah, from The Flytrap Store are providing a VFT ‘SD Kronos.
2. I will be providing a medium Drosera binata 'Marson Dragon'.
3. I also will be providing a 15oz carnivorous plant mug customized with your name on the handle.
4. ElaineO will be providing a clump of Sarracenia leucophylla seedlings (be thankful I talked her out of the live turkey!).
5. MaxVft will be providing a Drosera (x Hercules x self) x D. Capensis "Big Pink) seedgrown

Thank you to everyone providing prizes! A couple of notes with the prizes. Winners will be asked to cover shipping, however, there will be alternate prizes if a winner cannot cover shipping or in the case of international winners. Prizes will be picked by the winners in order of rank; first place gets first pick, second place second, etc. The last prize to be selected will be given away as a door prize. That means that anyone who submits a photo to this contest will have their name put into a hat and a winner drawn at random. So even if you aren’t an Ansel Adams, you still have a chance at a nifty prize!

And as always, here are the submission rules:
1. It must be your own picture
2. You can only submit one photo for this contest
3. Pictures shared in previous contests are not eligible
4. The winner will be the entry with the highest number of thumbs up votes
5. This contest is open internationally, although there will be an alternate prizes for international winners

If you need some inspiration, you can check out last years entries here.

Get your photos submitted early so you have the best chance of getting votes. So, put on your festive party sweater and give us some photos!
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