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By elaineo
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I live next to a cattle ranch, so I consider these working stock plants. Optimizing for quantity (appetite) over quality.

WIP = Work in Progress

Akai Ryu
Colorado Giant (WIP)
FTS Maroon Monster
Polish Dracula (WIP)
Royal Red
Typicals (FTS/FTC seed bank)

D. binata (FTC seed bank)
D. capensis (FTC seed bank)
D. intermedia (FTC seed bank)
D. madagascariensis (FTC seed bank)
D. filiformis "Dreamsicle"
D. filiformis x "Florida Giant"
D. filiformis var Floridana "White Flower"
D. spatulata (FTC seed bank)
D. rotundifolia

{ S. hcw f x adrian slack, S. hcw f x leuco alba select yellow flower, S. bloodmoon x hcw f, S. leuco x flava } -- labels washed away
S. flava "Everything bagel"
S. Lunchbox x Johnny Wilkerson
S. Lunchbox x Wilkerson's White Knight
S. leucophylla Chipola
S. purpurea venosa var rosea
S. rubra gulfensis
S. x wrigleyana

2021 Seedlings
S. Leah Wilkerson x Judith Hindle
S. Drummond’s Giant x Rubricorpra MWF
S. (Oreophila x Wilkerson white knight) x Judith Hindle
S. Red viper x Purpurea Venosa Tattnal Co, GA
S. Purpurea heterophylla x self
S. Purpurea venosa x coral burgundy green
S. Purpurea Rosea, Mobile cty. clone C x self
S. Judith Hindle x Leah Wilkerson (FTC seed bank)
S. Ras OP (FTC seed bank)
S. Wilkerson Red Rocket F2 x Red Sumatra (FTC seed bank)
S. leucophylla "Wilkerson bog" x leuc. "Wilkerson bog 3"
S. leucophylla "bugweed" x S. leuc. "Wilkerson bog 3"
S. leucophylla "Franklin county B" x S. leuc. UCD
S. leucophylla OP

N. ventrata
N. spathulata x platychila

FTS Purple Ambush
G14 Rosette
Low Giant
SD Kronos
ping that eats mosquitos
fat-bottomed nepenthes
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By Apollyon
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Those are some cool plants though! Sarracenia just annihilate insects. Of all of my CPs, Sarrs just outclass the others in their ability to catch prey. I'm curious what a blood moon x hurricane creek looks like.
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