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By elaineo
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I live next to a cattle ranch, so I consider these working stock plants. Optimizing for quantity (appetite) over quality.

WIP = Work in Progress
* = personal favorites

Akai Ryu*
Colorado Giant*
FTS Maroon Monster*
G17 Megatraps
Petite Dragon
Polish Dracula
Royal Red
FTS Crimson Sawtooth
Fine Tooth x Red
FTS Flaming Lips (WIP)
Alien (WIP)
Coquillage (WIP)
FTS Purple Ambush (WIP)

Typicals (FTS/FTC seed bank)

D. "multifida extrema"
D. capensis (FTC seed bank)
D. madagascariensis (FTC seed bank)
D. filiformis "Dreamsicle"
D. filiformis x "Florida Giant"
D. filiformis var Floridana "White Flower"
D. intermedia (immaculate conception)
D. spatulata (FTC seed bank)
D. rotundifolia (Ely, Minnesota)
D. regia
D. prolifera
D. capensis "Big Pink" (WIP)
D. graomogolensis (WIP)

S. flava "Everything bagel"
S. Lunchbox x Johnny Wilkerson
S. Lunchbox x Wilkerson's White Knight
S. leucophylla Chipola
S. purpurea venosa var rosea
S. x wrigleyana "Scarlet Belle"
{ S. hcw f x adrian slack, S. hcw f x leuco alba select yellow flower, S. bloodmoon x hcw f }
S. leuco x flava
S. Leah Wilkerson x Judith Hindle
S. Drummond’s Giant x Rubricorpra MWF
S. (Oreophila x Wilkerson white knight) x Judith Hindle
S. Red viper x Purpurea Venosa Tattnal Co, GA

2021 Sarrs
S. Purpurea heterophylla x self
S. Purpurea venosa x coral burgundy green
S. Purpurea Rosea, Mobile cty. clone C x self
S. Judith Hindle x Leah Wilkerson (FTC seed bank)
S. Ras OP (FTC seed bank)
S. Wilkerson Red Rocket F2 x Red Sumatra (FTC seed bank)
S. sPaTTeR PaTTeRn (FTC seed bank)
S. Purpurea var Venosa OP (FTC seed bank)
S. leucophylla "Wilkerson bog" x leuc. "Wilkerson bog 3"
S. leucophylla "bugweed" x S. leuc. "Wilkerson bog 3"
S. leucophylla "Franklin county B" x S. leuc. UCD
S. leucophylla OP

2022 Seedlings
S. Purpurea (Clinton Co, MI)
B. Liniflora
S. Leah Wilkerson x self
S. flava var rubri 'Claret' OP
S. "Lynda Butt"

N. ventrata
N. spathulata x platychila

seedlings from @Hollyhock

P. Pirouette
P. Aphrodite
P. Cyclosecta
P. Agnata
P. Ehlersiae (space coast giveaway)
P. Esseriana (space coast giveaway)
P. Gigantea x Cyclosecta
P. Moranensis 'A'
P. Sethos x "Fraser's Beauty"
P. Laueana CP2 x Emarginata
P. Hanka
Yucca Do 1713

G14 Rosette
SD Kronos
nepenthes with small chonky pitchers that can live in an intermediate climate
sarr with big pitchers that doesn't spend half the year looking like an onion
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By Apollyon
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Those are some cool plants though! Sarracenia just annihilate insects. Of all of my CPs, Sarrs just outclass the others in their ability to catch prey. I'm curious what a blood moon x hurricane creek looks like.
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