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List the plants you grow

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By Adelae
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I don't think I've actually done one of these yet, so:

Dionaea muscipula:
FTS Maroon Monster
Low Giant
unlabeled short-toothed clone from local pet store
FTS Flaming Lips
Assorted seedlings

Drosera adelae
Drosera binata var multifida
Drosera capensis (Bainskloof + typical/albino/red from FTC seed bank mix)
Drosera filiformis
Drosera helodes
Drosera pulchella
Drosera scorpioides
Drosera tokaiensis
Drosera x Marston's Dragon

Nepenthes bicalcarata
Nepenthes sp. (probably ventrata)
Nepenthes sp. (probably miranda)

Pinguicula cyclosecta
Pinguicula esseriana
Pinguicula laueana x emarginata

Utricularia livida

Wishlist: Drosera adelae "Giant", Drosera citrina, Drosera stelliflora, Utricularia pubescens, any Genlisea, Nepenthes ampullaria
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