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Epythitic utricularia are a species of utricularia not grown by many,but some produce the most amazing flowers you will ever see,size has no place when simple beauty comes into account! Their flowers can put orchids to shame!
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Ephiphytic species can be very difficult to grow.They like quite different media from the other species,but hopefully with this guide you can gain some knowledge on them,and hopefully,grow them!

Epiphytic Utricularia are usually grown in a very light,well drained soil mix.A typical mix would be one part each long fibered sphagnum,perlite,and pumice. Another common mix is one part each long fibered sphagnum,fine orchid bark,peat,and perlite.If you use live sphagnum,make sure it doesn't out-grow your plant

Keep them on a bright windowsill with at least 6 hours of sunlight a day,but if you have the equipment,give them around 12 hours in the summer,and 10 in the winter

Many of these grow in cool cloud forests or comparable conditions,so try not to cook them.I would use temperatures in the range 16-27°C (60-80°F)
Temperatures higher than that will make your plant suffer

Always water these plants from above,and don't leave them sitting in water,unless they are slack-potted,otherwise it can be harmful

Why grow them?
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Despite they're small size,and picky-ness,these plants are amazing to look at and to grow,just wat 'till they flower,when you see the flowers of the epiphytic species,no qualifications are needed,they are simply,beatifully,gorgeous.If they don't make you want to grow them,nothing will
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